Longhorn Solar Screens

Plantation shutters have wider louvers than the regular shutters, which means you get more light in your room. These beautiful additions to any room actually add to the value of your house, making them a valuable consideration. They also have the best insulation rating of any window treatment, saving you energy as well. These are just a few of the reasons to choose these lovely shutters for your home.

Custom Plantation Wood Shutters Add Beauty to Your Home

Custom means that your shutters are actually made for your windows, not something cut down to fit. These shutters are 100% high-quality basswood, with dowel and glue joinery for long-lasting durability. They are stained or painted to match your colors and bring out the beauty in your room. Your windows are a big part of what makes your room beautiful, and these shutters frame them perfectly and let them shine.

Plantation shutters work well on any window regardless of size or shape, this will allow the beauty of an arched, octagon shaped, oval, or round window to show through. Most window treatments would cover that up. Not only that, but shutters work well on french doors or even sliding glass doors. This means you can get the whole room to match, adding to the loveliness.

You work hard to make your home decor perfect. You deserve the perfect window treatment to add to the artfulness of your room. Nothing adds that touch of style like wood that is the perfect size, shape, and color to bring out your windows’ natural beauty. At Longhorn Solar Screens, we strive to provide quality service and products with the integrity, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism you want and deserve. Please contact us for more information about custom plantation wood shutters, or any of our window treatment options.