Solar Screens on a house

Solar Screens

We custom build our Screens at our facility in Denton Texas. We offer Twitchell Textilene and Phifer Suntex solar screening fabric (a heavy-duty and uniquely woven mesh made with strong vinyl-coated polyester) and 1” (or ¾ ” by request) aluminum frame. The fabric and frame comes in a variety of colors to match your home and preference. The percentage of the screens we carry is 80% and 90% blockage. Homeowners can choose to upgrade and get gridwork done to add style and /or match the gridwork in their windows.

Solar window screens primary purpose is reducing heat gain in the summer and reducing interior heat loss in the winter. Solar Screens cool the home by reflecting, absorbing, and disbursing large amounts of solar heat and glare before they have a chance to reach and penetrate the glass in your windows and doors it can reduce the temperature of the room in the daylight from 10 to 15 degrees. While installing a more efficient air conditioner or ceiling fans can help reduce the cost of temperature adjustment, the best thing you can do to stop the heat from entering your home in the first place

Solar Screen Colors

black solar screenBlack Screening dark bronze solar screenDark Bronze Screening brown solar screenBrown Screening
beige solar screenBeige Screening grey solar screenGrey Screening stucco solar screenStucco Screening

Solar Screen Frame Colors

solar screen frame colors

Benefits of Solar Screens

solar screens come with a lifetime warranty Solar screens come with a lifetime warranty
  • » Energy conservation ( lowering energy bills and usage )
  • » Prevent carpet, draperies, and furniture from fading
  • » Preserve the outside view
  • » Able to open blinds and shutters during the day now
  • » Protects hardwood floors and carpets from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • » Enhance the home appearance and Improve curb appeal by giving a more uniform appearance to your home
  • » Offer daytime privacy
  • » Cuts glare on tvs and computer monitors


40% of your electric bill is for the purposes of cooling or heating your home

Ask us about the City of Denton Rebate program