Longhorn Solar Screens

A lot of window features and exterior accessories can add several extra steps to your chore list, but solar screens aren’t one of them. Here’s how to maintain your solar shields without adding to your workload.

How to Maintain Your Solar Screens Without Extra Work

  • Unclip them in seconds so you can hose them down. Some window screens don’t come off easily. That means you have to clean them as they’re fixed to your house or spend a long time taking them down for a more thorough cleaning.
  • The actual cleaning part is simple. Solar screens are made of durable materials that can resist the elements, including a treated aluminum frame that is sealed against rust and corrosion.
  • Solar screens also work as insect screens. Anytime you can get a two-in-one fixture, you’re reducing your maintenance obligations. Solar screens block UV light, heat, and insects, so you can just replace insect screen cleaning with solar screen cleaning and reap extra benefits.

Solar screens are designed to make your life and your budget easier, not add to your seasonal to-do list. Contact Longhorn Solar Screens today to find the right screens for your home.