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Seamless Gutters and Their Impact On Your Home

Seamless Gutters and Their Impact On Your Home

Gutters for routing rainwater from the roof to where we want it are nothing new, but for years these gutters consisted of pieces of formed metal that contractors brought to the home and pieced together. New machinery now allows the contractor to bring coils of metal to the home and install on site. Each section of your seamless gutter is then formed in the exact length of the side of your home. Seamless gutters and their impact on your home will make all the difference.

Any time you piece something together you have seams and these are the weak points in the gutters. These joints are never quite smooth, so they catch leaves and debris which in turn clog the gutter. The gutter is then carrying more weight than it should handle, and the weak spots start to give way. Eventually, this becomes a leak, allowing moisture to end up in places you don’t want to get wet.

Seamless gutters don’t have seams. While you will still need to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris, they will not have as much problem with clogging. If they do get clogged, usually from a clump of debris that is too large for the downspout. This means they don’t have those weak points. The only joints in these gutters are at the corners of the house, and where the downspouts both help support and remove the weight of the water.

There are tons of options for seamless gutters that fit the style of your home, ensuring that you will have a lovely compliment to your house. At Longhorn Solar Screens, we strive to provide quality services with integrity, efficiency, and professionalism.

Contact us today to schedule your estimate for new seamless gutters or for information on energy-efficient window treatments for your home.

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Interior Window Treatment Options

The biggest accent to your home decor is your windows. They let light in and allow you a view of what is outside, and they deserve the best in beautiful window treatments. A good window treatment not only controls privacy and light but also adds to the loveliness of the room.

Interior Window Treatment Options

Plantation Shutters

One of the most beautiful options for Windows is the plantation shutter. The wide louvers and simple style of theses lovely window accents are a compliment to any style or decor. These rate as one of the top options for energy efficiency and bring value to your home. They are also the best option for the specialty or odd-shaped window. These windows are beautiful and do best with a window treatment that does not cover them up. Our shutters are custom-made, so they perfectly fit any window no matter the size or shape.

Plantation shutters claim a history that goes back to Ancient Greece, talk about standing the test of time. One of the best parts of shutters is that they allow great control over light and privacy. You can adjust the louvers allowing in light while preserving privacy and keeping direct sunlight off of your delicate furniture and surfaces.


Another great way to control light and allow for privacy is to dress your windows with blinds. These simple and charming window treatments have also stood the test of time. You can choose how much to adjust the slats, controlling the light and privacy levels.

Other than shutters, there are no other window treatments that allow you so much control. Most window treatments are either giving you privacy or are open for allowing in light. Only blinds and shutters give you both at once.

Roll Away Shades

These are a lovely window treatment, especially with the new motorized controls that are available for them. These shades come in a variety of opacity from a black out style to a privacy shade that allows quite a bit of light through it. There is something perfect for any room.

Honeycomb Shades

These are among the top rated window treatments for energy efficiency. The design of these shades uses trapped air as an insulator, and because of this, they are also a good choice in a noisy area. The cordless and motorized control options are best around small children and pets. Cords can provide them with attractive hazards.

Woven Wood Shades

This is a great option for bringing more texture into your decor. These charming shades work more as a shear than a full light control and are often paired with drapes in rooms that you want to darken more. They do provide a good clean definition to your windows, with or without curtains. They can attach inside the window frame allowing the window shape to show, or they can mount outside the window frame. Outside mounting is good if your windows are odd sized or small and you would prefer they not show as much.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we know that your window treatments are a vital part of your decor. With so many options, we have something to match any style and design. For more information on window treatments or screens, contact us today.

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Why You Need Patio Roll Away Shades

Everyone loves spending time on the patio. Spending time with friends and family makes for a great time. People have just love sitting on the patio. Whether it is for a morning meal or just sitting back and having a relaxing glass of tea or lemonade.

Why You Need Patio Roll Away Shades

The issue is always the heat and light from the sun. The heat or glare can ruin a relaxing morning breakfast. It also spoils a  good time spent with friends. This problem causes issues when the light or heat becomes too much to bear.

This problem wreaks havoc on parties or time spent on a patio. Yet with some planning, there is an answer. The solution comes with using Patio Roll Away Shades.

Roll away screens provide protection from the glare and heat that comes with the sun. The roll away shades also come in a wide variety of colors and options for your patio. There is even an option to have a built-in motorized screen to add convenience.

These structures are versatile. They withstand the wind and the rain to last longer. They provide an area for people to get together, parties, and just relaxing on hot summer afternoon.

These shades provide the perfect protection from the sun. They also provide the best privacy for an affordable price.

Longhorns Solar Screens knows how it is when it comes to making a patio comfortable. We have a highly trained staff that is professional and trained to meet your needs.

Contact us today for advice and a quote. Don’t let the heat and light ruin your morning or afternoon party. We can help.  Let us make your patio comfortable to fit your needs.

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Patio Roll Away Shades: The Best Of Both Worlds!

How To Partly Control Your Outdoor Living

The sun provides us with light and heat. But uncontrolled, it can cause discomfort and even physical harm. But fear not: patio roll away shades are available!

Patio Roll Away Shades: The Best Of Both Worlds!

Here are Their Top Benefits

  • Comfort. The sun’s rays can raise temperatures inside homes to unpleasant levels. Rollaway shades are excellent at reducing solar heating in warmer months.
  • Privacy. Patio shades help keep private things private.
  • “Insect avoidance”. While reducing glare and heat from the sun’s rays, patio roll away shades obviously prevent unwanted insects from invading our “space”. Not only are insects bothersome, but some (especially mosquitoes) carry dangerous diseases.
  • Wind reduction. Although the wind is rarely a constant irritant, having solar shades installed does diminish the effect of high winds and breezes.
  • Energy efficiency. It goes without saying that keeping heat out of the house allows a home’s cooling system to work less. This translates to a decreased energy bill. A return on your investment.
  • Houseplant help. Meaning that the sunlight allowed in is more than enough for your indoor plants to remain healthy.

These benefits illustrate why having roll away shades installed is smart wherever we live, but especially in very hot climates. Patio roll away shades allow us to enjoy the benefits of sunlight while avoiding some of the nuisances of nature!

When looking for a top-of-the-line company for your homes window treatment needs (or custom blinds, shutters, or seamless gutters), contact us first.

You really can have the best of both worlds: Natures appeal and protection from its hazards. You’ll enjoy our energy-efficient products for your home now….and for years to come!

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Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Solar screens replace the insect screens on the outside of your business or commercial property but do so much more. They block much of the harmful UV rays from reaching the inside while allowing in most of the natural sunlight. This is greatly beneficial to keeping the environment comfortable.

Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Energy Savings

Sunlight enters a window, and much of that energy becomes heat on the inside. Interior window treatments can only insulate you from the already existing heat. For the most part, UV rays add nothing to your light level, but that is where the heat stems from. This makes your air conditioner work harder than it should and raises your power bill. By blocking most of these harmful rays, you decrease the load on your air conditioner and improve the cooling effects.

Protect Furniture

The UV rays that the screens block out are the part of direct sunlight that does the damage to your furniture, carpets, rugs, and any hardwood floors you have. So much of our window treatments are for protecting these surfaces from the dulling and fading effects of sunlight. Because you are blocking the harmful rays before they come in, you have less need to have your windows covered against the sunlight. Your primary purpose for interior window treatments now is privacy.

Natural Light

The visible part of sunlight is only slightly blocked by the screens, so you can enjoy plenty of natural light. Houseplants will not mind the screens in the least, and many actually do better with them. This also blocks much of the glare that comes in your windows, making your environment a more comfortable place.

Window insulation

In winter, the screens act as a layer of insulation. This helps to keep it warmer in the colder months. There is far more night than day in the winter, and the heat loss at night is a bigger factor for windows than the sunlight is in the day. By adding a layer of insulation over your windows, you will lose less heat to the night sky.


The solar screens come in a variety of colors for both the fabric and the frame. This will match and accent the style of the exterior while protecting the beauty and comfort of the inside.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we know windows inside and out. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with solar screens for the outside and window treatments for the inside. After all, you deserve the best in comfort and style.

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Motorized, Retractable Patio Screens

Recently named as one of the top 10 unique living trends for 2017, motorized, retractable patio screens are the perfect solution to the blazing hot sun and persistent insects. Imagine having the opportunity to relax by yourself with a book on the patio or being able to host loved ones for a cookout in your outdoor kitchen, all while enjoying an insect-free environment without sacrificing fresh air and ventilation.

Motorized, Retractable Patio Screens

With the click of the remote, our motorized, roll-up screens will appear when you need them. Motorized, retractable screens may just be the best, most flexible way to improve the quality and quantity of time you spend outdoors this spring and during the summer months.

In addition to sun and insect control, one of the biggest benefits of retractable patio screens is the flexibility to choose when you want them in place and when you want them to go away. Even more, the retractable screens are designed to be compatible with most properties. Installation experts can place the screens on existing homes or the screens can be hidden into the structure of a new home during construction.

Contact Longhorn Solar Screens to learn more about our retractable screens!

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Custom Plantation Wood Shutters Add Beauty to Your Home

Plantation shutters have wider louvers than the regular shutters, which means you get more light in your room. These beautiful additions to any room actually add to the value of your house, making them a valuable consideration. They also have the best insulation rating of any window treatment, saving you energy as well. These are just a few of the reasons to choose these lovely shutters for your home.

Custom Plantation Wood Shutters Add Beauty to Your Home

Custom means that your shutters are actually made for your windows, not something cut down to fit. These shutters are 100% high-quality basswood, with dowel and glue joinery for long-lasting durability. They are stained or painted to match your colors and bring out the beauty in your room. Your windows are a big part of what makes your room beautiful, and these shutters frame them perfectly and let them shine.

Plantation shutters work well on any window regardless of size or shape, this will allow the beauty of an arched, octagon shaped, oval, or round window to show through. Most window treatments would cover that up. Not only that, but shutters work well on french doors or even sliding glass doors. This means you can get the whole room to match, adding to the loveliness.

You work hard to make your home decor perfect. You deserve the perfect window treatment to add to the artfulness of your room. Nothing adds that touch of style like wood that is the perfect size, shape, and color to bring out your windows’ natural beauty. At Longhorn Solar Screens, we strive to provide quality service and products with the integrity, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism you want and deserve. Please contact us for more information about custom plantation wood shutters, or any of our window treatment options.

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How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

How do solar screens work? Why use them? And what are their benefits? Solar screens are dark screen panels that are placed on your window. They deflect the brightness of the sunlight so that no sun glare enters your home. The good part is that unless you’re close to the window, you can’t really tell that a solar screen is installed. You can see out of your window perfectly. This is because of the uniform design of the strands in the solar screen.

How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

The solar screens won’t block sunlight from coming in your room — you’ll still have a bright room with plenty of sunshine; your room won’t be dark. What it does is it simply takes away the negative parts of sunlight, namely the glare that often accompanies the sun on a bright day. This is especially true for windows on the east and west sides of the house, where the sun shines extremely brightly in the morning and afternoon.

Unlike an awning, which isn’t always effective (it depends on the sun’s position in the sky), and unlike tint or film, which will probably void your window warranty and may damage your thermal windows, solar screens are designed to block the sun’s glare from ever reaching your window glass.

Solar screens have other benefits, besides less sun glare. They will reduce the fading effect the sun usually has on your curtains, carpets, and wood furniture. The type of sunlight they let in is also beneficial for plants. It will also help you save money on your air conditioning bill in the summer.

For more information, just contact us.

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Time for a Change? 4 Reasons You Need Seamless Gutters

Most homes have traditional sectional gutters. With the introduction of modern seamless gutters, though, homeowners have the option of a gutter system that requires less maintenance and better value in the long run. If you are contemplating some home renovations, here are 4 reasons you need seamless gutters.

Time for a Change? 4 Reasons You Need Seamless Gutters

1. A variety of Options: Seamless gutters come in a wide variety of material and color choices, making it easy to find a selection that will fit with the look of your home. Seamless gutters come in aluminum, steel, and copper. You can choose the color to match the exterior of your home, and since seamless gutters have a baked enamel finish, you never have to worry about painting!

2. Less Maintenance: Seamless gutters are firmly fixed to your home, so the chance of accumulation and debris becoming a hassle is next to none. Seamless gutters require far less cleaning than sectional gutters. Seamless gutters also only have fasteners on corners and at downspouts, so the chance for leaks is dramatically reduced. Fewer leaks mean less of your money spent on repairs.

3. Curb Appeal: Since seamless gutters require fewer joints and fasteners, they look more streamlined and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you are in the market to sell your home, you may want to consider the addition of seamless gutters.

4. High Return on Investment: Although seamless gutters are a bigger investment initially, their low maintenance and repair costs, means they will pay for themselves in no time.

Since seamless gutters are made to fit your home, they do require professional installation. Contact us today to learn more about our options and pricing for seamless gutters in your home!