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Protect Yourself from Nasty Diseases with Insect Screens

This winter you can prepare to protect your family with quality insect screens. You know what that means—barbecues, fireworks, watermelon…and those universally disliked mosquitoes. Those itchy bumps created by their bites can drive you to the brink of insanity. While these swarming little pests are frustrating, they are more than just a minor irritation. In some cases, they can be downright dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne illnesses kill millions every year. They can carry Zika, West Nile virus, and much more. Let’s look at the effects of just a couple of the illnesses that mosquitoes carry.

Protect Yourself from Nasty Diseases with Insect Screens


The Zika virus, which has been very much in the news over the past few years, can lead to a birth defect known as microcephaly, a condition where a baby’s head is significantly smaller than it should be. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a condition known as congenital Zika syndrome can cause brain damage, eye damage, and clubfoot. Therefore, if you’re planning on becoming pregnant, it is a good idea to take every precaution possible to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

West Nile

West Nile virus is another nasty mosquito-borne illness that has infiltrated the United States. According to an article issued by the Mayo Clinic, although most people who contract West Nile don’t show any symptoms, in some patients it can lead to life-threatening conditions such as severe neurological infection. This can in turn cause extreme symptoms such as seizures and partial paralysis. While this is rare, it’s certainly not a risk that you want to take.

Given that mosquitoes present such a big health risk, it’s a good idea to invest in a good insect screen to keep them out. Are you looking into the possibility of having a screen installed? Here at Longhorn, we take pride in helping to protect your family with quality insect screens. Feel free to contact us for more information on the screens that we offer!

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Keep Wasps Away with Better Window Screens

Wasps are a problem almost every month of the year. They wake up in early spring, take over your backyard and hedges every summer afternoon, and somehow become even more active in the autumn. Texas is home to a growing variety of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. While you might not be able to stop them from flying around your yard, you can stop them from settling down on or in your house. Here’s how to keep wasps away:

Keep Wasps Away with Better Window Screens

Protect your open windows with tightly knit screens.

Good circulation is the best way to keep your home cool. Even autumn afternoons can be stifling without a cross breeze. But open windows are an invitation for flying pests. If your window screens have tears or even loose edging near the frame, wasps can crawl inside and start to buzz around. The fall is one of the most dangerous seasons for wasp invasions because they are looking for the best nest locations for their queens to outlast winter. They also aren’t as solitary as they are in the spring, and one wasp could mean several.

Use the installation to check for other gaps and drafts.

The temperature and rainfall changes from summer to autumn mean your foundation might be settling. This can cause everything from slight gaps in the window’s sealant to large holes between the frame and the exterior. Find a company that specializes in a wide range of window treatments so they can alert you to gaps, cracks, and other problems in your window. Even small openings are an invitation that needs to be fixed immediately.

Insect screens obscure movements and colors that could attract wasps.

Different species are attracted by different factors. Some stay away from large movements, while others become aggressive when they sense movement in their territory. Bright colors also attract attention. Insect screens, especially with a tightly knit mesh, make interior movements and colors less visible.

Whether your windows need their first set of insect screens or you have a few windows that need replacements, go to Longhorn Solar Screens. We can get your windows ready for the rest of fall and beyond.

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5 Benefits of Installing New Window Screens

Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment that does not have any window screens or you want to give your home a makeover by installing new windows, make sure you get screens for your windows. Here are five benefits of using window screens. 5 Benefits of Installing New Window Screens

Keep Out Insects

Window screens are the best way to keep out insects during the summer. Bugs, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, moths and other critters love the warmth, comfort and light of your home. Use window screens to get fresh air and keep out those unwanted guests at the same time.

Air Quality

Besides keeping out insects, window screens also keep out dust and debris. This will improve the air quality of your home. In addition, it will keep out any dirt and dust from entering and dirtying your home.


Some window screens are designed to provide security for your home. Strong screens that can’t be cut easily provide an additional layer of protection to your house. Some screens can be integrated with your alarm system to keep intruders away.

Conserve Energy

If you get solar screens for your windows, you’ll be able to keep out unnecessary sun rays. This will make your home a cooler place, which means you’ll need to use the air conditioning less often. It will save you money and help the environment.


It’s best to get window treatments that enhance the overall appeal of your house. There are many options out there that you should consider. What you should get depends on your own style and preferences and the overall design of your home. Regardless of what you choose, new high-quality window treatments will improve the curb value and the overall value of your home.

Contact us today for help in choosing the best high-quality window treatments for your home.

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Benefits of Having Solar Screens Installed on Your Home

During the warmer summer months of the year, nothing can be nicer than having a nice breeze and fresh air blow through your home. While a refreshing breeze is very nice, flies and insects can make it impossible to keep your windows open.  For those that are struggling with insects in their home, having insect screens installed can be a great option.  There are several benefits that you will receive when you have bug and insect screens installed in your home.

Benefits of Having Solar Screens Installed on Your Home

Prevent Insects from Getting In

One of the main advantages of having an insect screen installed in your home is that it will keep insects from getting into your property. An insect screen can be installed in a sturdy manner that will prevent any bugs from sneaking in through a crack in the seal. Furthermore, the screen material has holes that are small enough to prevent the smallest bugs from getting through.  This can practically eliminate the risk of bugs getting into your property when your windows are open.

Reduced Utility Bills

Another advantage of having insect screens installed is that you will no longer have to keep your windows closed. While this can allow you to enjoy nice fresh air in your home, it also reduces the need to have your air conditioner turned on. During the hot summer months, this can save you a lot of money through reduced energy bills.


The third advantage of insect screens is that they provide an additional level of security. If someone is trying to break into your home, they will now have one additional barrier to get through. This can help to keep your home safe and may even deter a thief from trying to break in.

If you are struggling to keep bugs out of your home, contact us to learn more about the benefits of having insect screens installed.

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What to Look for When Buying New Window Insect Screens

Spring is on its way, and that means nature is starting to wake up. While this means your plants bloom back into life and that the days are getting sunnier, it also means insects are coming back from their winter dormancy. Instead of having to keep your windows closed against the nice, breezy days on their way, find the right bug screens that will let you keep your windows open without the risk of letting bugs into your home.

What to Look for When Buying New Window Insect Screens

What should you look for when shopping for bug screens and window fixtures?

  • Strong screen material. Most bug screens can be easily torn or pulled free of their frames unless you specifically look for models that can stand up to impact, the wind, and sun damage. Find screens woven with fiberglass or similar material, and checking the coating. Vinyl is one of the best screen coatings for flexibility, durability, and vivid color through the years. Bug screens fail when they get ripped or the material loosens enough to form gaps that insects can crawl through.
  • Long-lasting hardware that matches your home’s exterior. Even though the primary purpose of your bug screen is to protect your home from pests, the curb appeal it adds to your home is also important. Find a selection of bug screens with frames that match your house’s coloring and that are sturdy enough to stay long-lasting fixtures. Also, pay close attention to the springs and small features on the screens. They should be easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Having the right bug screens make you more comfortable opening your home’s windows to let a breeze in. Not only does that help you enjoy the pleasant spring weather on the way, it can help you keep your energy bills lower in face of the Texas heat. Go to Longhorn Solar Screens to find the right bug screens for your house.

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3 Reasons Bug/Insect Screens Should Be a Priority

Cracking the windows open during the summer can be a great way to enjoy a fresh breeze and relax with your family. If you’re unsure of whether bug/insect screens are a necessity for your home when getting new windows installed, it’s a good idea to look into what their benefits are. Instead of putting off buying these screens due to your concerns with their effectiveness, consider the following benefits. 3 Reasons Bug/Insect Screens Should Be a Priority

Added Security for Your Family

One of the best reasons to get screens installed for your windows is that they can prevent anyone from falling out as easily. While you may not be concerned for the adults and older children in your family, it can be a real concern if you have young kids or pets. Durable screens designed to keep insects out can help considerably in making your windows safer.

Protection Against Bug Bites

When you want to open the windows during the summer, you’re putting yourself at risk for bugs getting inside and biting you. This can be a real problem for mosquitos if you live somewhere that they are especially active.

Keeps the Inside of Your Home Cleaner

Leaving the windows open can lead to dust, pet hair, and other allergens getting inside. This can lead to the need to vacuum much more often, making it a smart idea to look into getting screens installed that can help protect the inside of your home better.

Contact us for more information on getting insect screens installed when you need them most.

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Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

All screens keep out insects, it is in their nature. They are a mesh that covers your window and will keep out anything bigger than dust. We think of screens for just this purpose, but the best ones do so much more.

Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

Protect Your Windows From Breaking

Have you ever noticed how bad storms can throw debris and sometimes even hail? If you have screens over your windows, these do not actually hit the window. While there are times that they damage the screen, the window and the inside of the house is protected. It is so much cheaper and easier to replace a screen than a window. All screens provide you with this, just like keeping bugs out.

Filter Sunlight Before It Enters Your Windows

We spend a lot of time trying to minimize the damaging effects of sunlight. At the same time, we want natural light in our home. The best way to achieving both comes from filtering the sunlight so that the harmful rays stay outside while the pleasant light comes in. This is one of the best ways for protecting your delicate furnishings and finishes from the dulling and fading effects of direct sunlight. This is one of the things solar screens do that regular screens don’t.

Lower Your Power Consumption

When you block out the harmful UV rays of the sunlight, you keep out the part of the sunlight that creates the most heat when it comes into your house. Because the heat never enters the window, your home stays cooler. This means that your air conditioner runs that much more effectively, and your energy bills are lower.

Form an Insulating Barrier

Now you would think that the solar screens keeping the biggest part of the heat out of your home would not actually be a good thing during the cooler weather. However, these screens also form an insulating barrier that traps air between the screen and the window. This improves the efficiency of the window in the aspect of preventing heat transfer. All windows, even ones with only one pane of glass do this to some degree. The recommendation in even the coldest climates is that the solar screens are efficient enough that they should remain on the windows all year-long for the best energy savings.

So while we are happy to help you with regular screens if that is what you want, at Longhorn Solar Screens, we recommend the solar screens for the best protection for your home. For more information on this, contact us today.

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3 Reasons to Install Bug/Insect Screens

In these warm summer months, an open window and a nice breeze sound like a little taste of paradise. Hundreds of insects flying inside your home, however, doesn’t sound quite as lovely. Fresh air comes at a price when insects and potentially some other (larger) pests seek shelter within your clean, welcoming, home. Open windows offer the perfect opportunity for creepy-crawlies to invite themselves in. Insect screens provide a faultless solution to open doors and invading critters. With their easy-to-clean nature and open concept, insect screens get the job done without providing roadblocks to daily living. These 3 reasons to install bug/insect screens make insect screens a no-brainer.

Keep the Bugs Out

Naturally, insect screens serve one main purpose: keeping unwanted insects and pests out of the home. When properly installed on household doors and windows, screens can effectively eliminate all points of entry for insects outside the house. Insect screens offer peace of mind for homeowners who seek to open doors and windows without worrying about dangerous and inconvenient bugs getting into the house.

3 Reasons to Install Bug/Insect Screens

Easy to Clean

No one likes cleaning windows, and some owners may think that insect screens offer just one more window covering to worry about keeping clean around the house. However, screens are easy to remove and just as easy to clean. Simply rinse the screen with mild cleaning solution and warm water and replace in the window frame.

Let the Air and Light In

Homeowners who shy away from insect screens may worry about blocking light and air from entering and circulating within the home. Insect screen designs allow maximum air flow, ensuring an open-window feel without allowing bugs to enter. Likewise, screens nowadays contain certain materials to allow light to enter freely from outside.

Looking to install insect screens in your home? Contact us to discover your options.

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3 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Bug/Insect Screens

Installing screens on your windows are essential for keeping bugs, birds, insects, leaves, dust, and debris out of your home, while at the same time maintaining sunlight and a good airflow. However, no screen lasts forever. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your window screens.

3 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Bug/Insect Screens

It’s Old and Brittle

Over time, screens can bend and become brittle. This can cause small openings, which can lead to insects getting into your home. If your screens are many years old, it’s time to replace them with newer, modern ones.

There’s a Rip or Hole

Rips, tears, and holes can occur even in the best of screens. A flying object such as a ball can easily cause a gaping void in your screen. Cats, dogs, and other pets can also cause holes in your screens. If you want to keep the dirt out, replace your screen right away.

You Notice Lots of Bugs

If you notice lots of insects in your home, or you’re getting an unexplained number of mosquitos in your house at night, it may be caused by a faulty screen somewhere. Check your windows and replace your screens as needed.

Generally, most screens will last 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. However, it will really depend on a number of factors, including exposure to sunlight and moisture and the materials the screen is made out of.

Contact us today so that we can check if your screens need to be replaced. Our bug screens are custom-built and are made from the best materials.