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Improving Your Sunroom? 3 Reasons to Get Wood Shutters

Having wood shutters installed in your sunroom can be a great option for window treatments that still suit the openness that you want in a sunroom. If you’re curious about plantation wood shutters specifically, it’s a good idea to look into custom designs and the benefits that they can provide for your sunroom.

Improving Your Sunroom? 3 Reasons to Get Wood Shutters

Custom Fit Can Work for Any Window

The best reason to choose custom designed shutters for the sunroom is the likeliness that standard shutters wouldn’t fit in the windows. Sunrooms often have floor-to-ceiling windows that can require very specific shutters in order for them to fit properly into the windows without any gaps.

Measuring out the windows in the sunroom can give you a better idea of what size of shutters will be needed for the sunroom.

Wood Shutters Can Block Out Light When Needed

If you’re curious about adding shutters to enjoy a bit more privacy in the sunroom, it’s a good idea to look for shutters that can entirely block out light as needed. Plantation shutters can provide a tight seal to block out light and add a lot of privacy to the sunroom when desired.

Plantation Shutters Can Enhance the Room

Instead of choosing just any window treatments, it’s best to stick with a design that will look fantastic for the sunroom. Plantation shutters can add a lot of style to a sunroom and help tie the room together, allowing you to better enjoy the finished look. Wood finishes can vary greatly as well to let you enjoy a more cohesive look in the sunroom.

As you prepare for having window treatments installed in the sunroom, you should look into how plantation shutters can be a perfect fit. Contact us if you have any inquiries about ordering custom designed shutters that can be installed in your sunroom.

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Why Plantation Shutters Are the Right Spring Addition to Your Home

Spring is a tricky season for managing energy costs; not only does the approaching summer weather make the air hot enough to make you want your air conditioning on, the temperature at night can plummet. If you’re looking for a way to shrink your energy bill, finding a solution that can combat both the heat and the cold is critical. Plantation shutters can do precisely that year-round.

Why Plantation Shutters Are the Right Spring Addition to Your Home

How do plantation shutters help combat the cold?

Over 25% of the energy you use to heat or cool your home is lost through your windows. Some of this loss is due to low insulation: even if your windows or double-paned or the edges are fully caulked to minimize drafts, windows offer less insulation than your walls. This means some of your heat will leak through to the outside, and some of the cold will cool the air against the window.

But plantation shutters can reduce that transfer of heat energy. The thick window coverings add another layer of insulation to keep warm air in. They also act as another buffer that forms a loose pocket of air to stop the dispersal of energy, similar to double-paned windows.

If you know your windows need to be updated or repaired to reduce air leaks, plantation shutters also are a great intermediate step so you can take your time selecting the perfect windows without losing heat throughout the fall and winter. Go to Longhorn Solar Screen’s selection of plantation shutters here and find other tools for keeping your home energy-efficient.