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3 Reasons to Get Solar Screens This Winter

Solar screens seem like a summer purchase. They can help keep your home cooler and prevent UV radiation from fading out your drapes and surfaces. But solar screens help your home out in the winter, too, and not just during unseasonably warm days. Here’s how:

3 Reasons to Get Solar Screens This Winter

1. Winter brings more sun glare into the house.

The summer sun beats straight overhead and can be unbearable without shade, but it at least spends most of the time straight overhead. In winter, the sun is at a more extreme angle and streams in through the windows more directly. It has a more southern tilt that means the light is radiating across the room more strongly instead of at a steep, downward angle. This causes more glare on your computer screen, television, and mirrors. But solar screens can diffuse the light. This lets your soak up natural light without it glinting off of your devices.

2. Solar shields provide more privacy after sunset.

Winter nights start early, and darkness can start to fall in the late afternoon. But if it’s dark outside and your home has its interior lights on, people passing by can see right inside. Solar shields already block off visibility into your home during the day, and you deserve that same degree of security at night. While they might not block the presence of light entirely, they can obscure details and inhabitants’ movements from room to room.

3. Every bit of window insulation helps.

Windows are basically open passages for heat transfer. Hot summer temperatures can heat up your house through unprotected windows, and heated winter air can just as easily seep out. Adding features like double-pained windows, solar screens, and shutters help insulate the window and prevent easy heat transfer.

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How to Maintain Your Solar Screens Without Extra Work

A lot of window features and exterior accessories can add several extra steps to your chore list, but solar screens aren’t one of them. Here’s how to maintain your solar shields without adding to your workload.

How to Maintain Your Solar Screens Without Extra Work

  • Unclip them in seconds so you can hose them down. Some window screens don’t come off easily. That means you have to clean them as they’re fixed to your house or spend a long time taking them down for a more thorough cleaning.
  • The actual cleaning part is simple. Solar screens are made of durable materials that can resist the elements, including a treated aluminum frame that is sealed against rust and corrosion.
  • Solar screens also work as insect screens. Anytime you can get a two-in-one fixture, you’re reducing your maintenance obligations. Solar screens block UV light, heat, and insects, so you can just replace insect screen cleaning with solar screen cleaning and reap extra benefits.

Solar screens are designed to make your life and your budget easier, not add to your seasonal to-do list. Contact Longhorn Solar Screens today to find the right screens for your home.

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3 Benefits With Solar Screens

Solar screens are a great way to reduce your energy bill. But if you’re putting off a final decision on whether or not to get them for your house because the potential savings don’t seem worth it, you can look forward to more than just increased savings once you install them. Here are a few of the additional perks:

3 Benefits With Solar Screens

What are the other benefits of using solar screens in your home?

  1. Fabrics and colored materials don’t fade. UV radiation can do a lot of damage if it’s left unchecked, and one of the most visible effects is faded fabrics and colors. Solar screens still let in all of the natural light you want in your house, but it protects the interior from patchy fading.
  2. Your home’s surfaces don’t become brittle. UV light can do more than bleach the color out of materials. It can make your blinds, wood furniture, and plastic brittle. This will lead to more cracks, impact damage, and breakage in exposed surfaces and objects.
  3. Most models do more than block UV. Solar screens partially obscure your windows from the outside, even as they leave your view from inside the house completely unchanged. This means you can move the curtains aside and enjoy the sunlight without having to worry about people seeing straight through your house.

Longhorn Solar Screens is located in Denton Texas. We offer Twitchell Textilene and Phifer Suntex solar screening fabric (a heavy-duty and uniquely woven mesh made with strong vinyl-coated polyester) and 1” (or ¾ ” by request) aluminum frame. The fabric and frame comes in a variety of colors

For more solar screen features and benefits, contact us today!

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Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer with Exterior Protection

Windows can either be a huge asset or a huge liability when you’re trying to keep your home cool during the summer. Whether you prefer a low base temperature or you want to beat the heat with good ventilation, focus on how your windows are influencing temperature changes, and strengthen your strategies with solar shields. Here’s how:

Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer with Exterior Protection

Solar shields deflect the heat of natural light.

Sunlight is made up of more than just bright light. It also has UVA and UVA radiation. It carries heat. It also can be bright enough where you don’t have to use internal fixtures for illumination. So keep the best elements of it (the visual light) while blocking the heat and UV radiation, which can not only be dangerous during prolonged exposure but can start to degrade plastic and wood inside your home without adequate protection. By keeping only what you need of sunlight, you can power down your lights and avoid having to ramp up your air conditioning to counter the heat.

Having standalone solar shields means you can open your windows.

A lot of new window options include solar tinting, double panes, and thermally broken steel components to help you regulate your home’s temperature. But a lot of the features are designed for winter because they increase insulation only so long as the windows are closed. Having standalone breathable features means you can still tap into the benefits of advanced window features, but you can also open your window to let a breeze in. The more open windows you can have in your house, especially if they’re still blocking the heat and bugs, the better you can generate a cross-breeze. Letting fresh air in and out from just a single point can help, especially if you have a ceiling fan. But letting fresh air flow through the entirety of your house really helps get rid of trapped heat, and that’s where a lot of energy savings can be found.

Go to Longhorn Solar Screens to start controlling your home’s temperature without relying solely on your air conditioner.

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Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

All screens keep out insects, it is in their nature. They are a mesh that covers your window and will keep out anything bigger than dust. We think of screens for just this purpose, but the best ones do so much more.

Screens Do More Than Just Keep Out Bugs

Protect Your Windows From Breaking

Have you ever noticed how bad storms can throw debris and sometimes even hail? If you have screens over your windows, these do not actually hit the window. While there are times that they damage the screen, the window and the inside of the house is protected. It is so much cheaper and easier to replace a screen than a window. All screens provide you with this, just like keeping bugs out.

Filter Sunlight Before It Enters Your Windows

We spend a lot of time trying to minimize the damaging effects of sunlight. At the same time, we want natural light in our home. The best way to achieving both comes from filtering the sunlight so that the harmful rays stay outside while the pleasant light comes in. This is one of the best ways for protecting your delicate furnishings and finishes from the dulling and fading effects of direct sunlight. This is one of the things solar screens do that regular screens don’t.

Lower Your Power Consumption

When you block out the harmful UV rays of the sunlight, you keep out the part of the sunlight that creates the most heat when it comes into your house. Because the heat never enters the window, your home stays cooler. This means that your air conditioner runs that much more effectively, and your energy bills are lower.

Form an Insulating Barrier

Now you would think that the solar screens keeping the biggest part of the heat out of your home would not actually be a good thing during the cooler weather. However, these screens also form an insulating barrier that traps air between the screen and the window. This improves the efficiency of the window in the aspect of preventing heat transfer. All windows, even ones with only one pane of glass do this to some degree. The recommendation in even the coldest climates is that the solar screens are efficient enough that they should remain on the windows all year-long for the best energy savings.

So while we are happy to help you with regular screens if that is what you want, at Longhorn Solar Screens, we recommend the solar screens for the best protection for your home. For more information on this, contact us today.

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A Winter Checklist for Your Window’s Screens

Texas winters don’t stay cold for the whole season, and that means critters and pests can reappear instead of staying holed away until the spring. Even if you inspected your home in the autumn for small exterior holes and sealing gaps, here’s a quick list of tips for making sure your bug screens stay secure through the rest of winter:

A Winter Checklist for Your Window's Screens

  • Focus on the corners and sides. Any place where different materials join together is a potential weakness. Unless you have custom-built, fiberglass screens, the screen can tear from the hardware, especially in the corners. Another risk is the caulk or sealant between the bug screen and the actual perimeter of the window. Small gaps in the material can let any number of pests in that have woken up from a premature warm day and are looking for shelter.
  • Know what size holes you should look for. Small gaps in the screen frames are going to be nearly invisible, but more can get through a smaller area than you might think. Pull up a guide for local pests in your city and how small of a hole they need to gain entrance. For example, mice only need a hole the size of a coin, and bugs need even less. An approximate guide is that creatures only need an opening the size of their head.
  • Check for foundation damage. Foundation is a constant concern in Texas, even during the slightly wetter winters. One of the signs your foundation is shifting is having your window split from the brick facing it. Pests can get into these gaps, and the movement itself could dislodge your screen or the seal around it.

The best way to make sure your window screens will keep pests out is to get long-lasting materials. A lot of commercial bug screen material can be torn and wrenched free of the hardware, but getting bug screens with fiberglass screens and solid hardware can help hold the barrier no matter the weather or setting. Contact us today to get started.

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3 Reasons You Need Solar Screens in Your Home

Everyone loves a home flooded with natural light, but no one likes that light to be in the way. Whether you’re planning on having a lazy day on the couch, or it’s just too bright in the room to watch TV, your answer might be a solar screen. But why not just lower the blinds instead? Well, here are three reasons.

3 Reasons You Need Solar Screens in Your Home

Reason #1: Maintain Visibility

Solar screens are like sunglasses for your house. They bring down the intensity of the light, but they still let you look outside to see what’s happening. If you want your home to feel open, solar screens let you maintain that look without squinting through the early morning light.

Reason #2: Easy to Clean

Unlike your blinds, which can be a pain to clean, solar screens can be easily, and quickly, washed. So even if you use them often, all it takes is a quick wipe-down to ensure they add a layer of sleekness to your windows, instead of looking grimy or dusty.

Reason #3: They Won’t Void Your Window Warranty

When you get new windows, they come with a warranty. However, if you get your windows tinted, or you put adhesive covers on them, that might end up voiding your warranty. A solar screen is neither of these things, and it allows you to adjust the brightness in your home without worrying that your comfort might be stripping your windows of a vital protection.

These are just three, basic reasons you should consider installing solar screens in your home. For more reasons, all you have to do is contact us today!

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Solar Screens And Passive Cooling Designs To Cut Your Energy Costs

Energy costs during the summer months sky-rocket as using the AC in your home becomes essential to survival. Surviving the hottest days of summer can also be done with good building designs and passive energy solutions, such as using solar screens and other improvements that keep the heat out and the cool air in. Here are some of the ways that passive cooling improvements are easily added to homes with solar screens and other window improvements:

Solar Screens And Passive Cooling Designs To Cut Your Energy Costs

Solar Screens As The Affordable Window Improvement To Keep Heat Out

Replacement windows have been marketed as a great window improvement, but they are not right for every home. The cost can sometimes outweigh the benefits when it comes to replacement windows. Today, there is the solar screen alternative to replacements, which are screens that help reduce heat gain. These screens help protect your home during the hottest Texas heat, as well as providing you with extra privacy. Solar screens will be fully functional; allowing you to open and close them as needed.

Adding Tinted, Energy Efficient Window Films For Areas That Get Direct Sun

For homes with old single-pane glass, window film is another option to consider. Window films can be installed on the glass to improve energy efficiency. In areas where you get direct sunlight, window film will provide you with more protection. Tinted films can even be used for more privacy.

Thermal Blinds And Interior Window Treatments To Protect Against Heat Gain

Thermal blinds and interior window treatments are also great improvements to consider for your windows. Thermal window treatments are measured to fit tightly in the window openings and provide your home with more insulation from the weather outside; whether it is the hot Texas summers or the months of cold winters.

These are some of the ways passive cooling can be added to your home with simple window improvements. If you are ready to start keeping the heat out of your home, contact us to fit your windows with new solar screens and stay cool for the summer.

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Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Solar screens replace the insect screens on the outside of your business or commercial property but do so much more. They block much of the harmful UV rays from reaching the inside while allowing in most of the natural sunlight. This is greatly beneficial to keeping the environment comfortable.

Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Energy Savings

Sunlight enters a window, and much of that energy becomes heat on the inside. Interior window treatments can only insulate you from the already existing heat. For the most part, UV rays add nothing to your light level, but that is where the heat stems from. This makes your air conditioner work harder than it should and raises your power bill. By blocking most of these harmful rays, you decrease the load on your air conditioner and improve the cooling effects.

Protect Furniture

The UV rays that the screens block out are the part of direct sunlight that does the damage to your furniture, carpets, rugs, and any hardwood floors you have. So much of our window treatments are for protecting these surfaces from the dulling and fading effects of sunlight. Because you are blocking the harmful rays before they come in, you have less need to have your windows covered against the sunlight. Your primary purpose for interior window treatments now is privacy.

Natural Light

The visible part of sunlight is only slightly blocked by the screens, so you can enjoy plenty of natural light. Houseplants will not mind the screens in the least, and many actually do better with them. This also blocks much of the glare that comes in your windows, making your environment a more comfortable place.

Window insulation

In winter, the screens act as a layer of insulation. This helps to keep it warmer in the colder months. There is far more night than day in the winter, and the heat loss at night is a bigger factor for windows than the sunlight is in the day. By adding a layer of insulation over your windows, you will lose less heat to the night sky.


The solar screens come in a variety of colors for both the fabric and the frame. This will match and accent the style of the exterior while protecting the beauty and comfort of the inside.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we know windows inside and out. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with solar screens for the outside and window treatments for the inside. After all, you deserve the best in comfort and style.

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How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

How do solar screens work? Why use them? And what are their benefits? Solar screens are dark screen panels that are placed on your window. They deflect the brightness of the sunlight so that no sun glare enters your home. The good part is that unless you’re close to the window, you can’t really tell that a solar screen is installed. You can see out of your window perfectly. This is because of the uniform design of the strands in the solar screen.

How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

The solar screens won’t block sunlight from coming in your room — you’ll still have a bright room with plenty of sunshine; your room won’t be dark. What it does is it simply takes away the negative parts of sunlight, namely the glare that often accompanies the sun on a bright day. This is especially true for windows on the east and west sides of the house, where the sun shines extremely brightly in the morning and afternoon.

Unlike an awning, which isn’t always effective (it depends on the sun’s position in the sky), and unlike tint or film, which will probably void your window warranty and may damage your thermal windows, solar screens are designed to block the sun’s glare from ever reaching your window glass.

Solar screens have other benefits, besides less sun glare. They will reduce the fading effect the sun usually has on your curtains, carpets, and wood furniture. The type of sunlight they let in is also beneficial for plants. It will also help you save money on your air conditioning bill in the summer.

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