Longhorn Solar Screens

Spring is on its way, and that means nature is starting to wake up. While this means your plants bloom back into life and that the days are getting sunnier, it also means insects are coming back from their winter dormancy. Instead of having to keep your windows closed against the nice, breezy days on their way, find the right bug screens that will let you keep your windows open without the risk of letting bugs into your home.

What to Look for When Buying New Window Insect Screens

What should you look for when shopping for bug screens and window fixtures?

  • Strong screen material. Most bug screens can be easily torn or pulled free of their frames unless you specifically look for models that can stand up to impact, the wind, and sun damage. Find screens woven with fiberglass or similar material, and checking the coating. Vinyl is one of the best screen coatings for flexibility, durability, and vivid color through the years. Bug screens fail when they get ripped or the material loosens enough to form gaps that insects can crawl through.
  • Long-lasting hardware that matches your home’s exterior. Even though the primary purpose of your bug screen is to protect your home from pests, the curb appeal it adds to your home is also important. Find a selection of bug screens with frames that match your house’s coloring and that are sturdy enough to stay long-lasting fixtures. Also, pay close attention to the springs and small features on the screens. They should be easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Having the right bug screens make you more comfortable opening your home’s windows to let a breeze in. Not only does that help you enjoy the pleasant spring weather on the way, it can help you keep your energy bills lower in face of the Texas heat. Go to Longhorn Solar Screens to find the right bug screens for your house.