Bug/Insect Screens

Pesky bugs are a year-round issue in Texas. Bugs make going outdoors an uncomfortable and unenjoyable experience. No one wants to get bitten by mosquitos or have flies swarm their food every time they go outside. That’s why Longhorn Solar Screens offers a custom bug and insect screen installation service. We have all the right materials and experience to build and install your protective screen and allow you to relax comfortably outside!

Custom Built Screens 

In our warehouse in Denton, we build our screens with ¾” aluminum frames (1” by request) with 5 colors to choose from (white, tan, champagne, mill, or bronze). We also provide various hardware for the screens (rams horn, tension springs, leaf springs). 

 Our fiberglass screens are woven from permanent glass yarn and are coated with protective vinyl to ensure lasting color and flexibility. The screens are produced under the most exacting conditions to meet rigid specifications and will not rust, corrode, or stain. 

Porch & Patio Screens


We can add our insect screens to your existing outdoor living space, porch, or patio so that you can enjoy entertaining and being outside. Screening in your space will keep annoying pests from bugging you, your family, or your guests!

Window Screens

Flying and crawling pests often bite or sting and can also carry diseases. That’s why keeping insects out of your house is important. Adding insect screens to your windows is a quick, easy approach to implementing pest control for flies and mosquitoes in your home, while still letting in fresh air through open windows.

Get Your Custom Bug and Insect Screens Installed 

We’re committed to crafting and installing high-quality bug and insect screens for your home. Contact us and we’ll figure out exactly what you need so that you enjoy being outdoors safely and comfortably!