Screened-In Patios

Patio Screens Make All the Difference

Imagine stepping outside to enjoy some fresh air without being swarmed by pesky bugs. Itchy bites from nagging mosquitoes or flies swarming around your breakfast dish rapidly destroy the pleasant idea of relaxing outside on a lovely day.

Longhorn Solar Screens offers beautiful, functional screened-in patios to help eliminate this annoying problem. With patio screens, you can minimize the number of pests, the brightness and heat on the hottest days, and protect your outdoor furniture from the harsh Texas weather. Our professional team will install your patio screen in no time so you can enjoy spending your time outside!

Custom Patio Screens

With aluminum framing and the screening of your choice, our patio screens are built specifically for your space. You can have a sturdy, lovely, screened patio that matches your house and your taste thanks to the variety of possibilities. You’ll be adding bug, heat, cold, and glare protection, whether you choose motorized, retractable, or fixed screens, so you can enjoy the outdoors even more. 

Screened In Patio
Screened In Patio
Screened In Patio

Why Screen In Your Patio

There are many reasons why screening in your patio is the ideal option for your home. Besides keeping out bugs and critters, you also open up more outdoor-living possibilities. You can now safely install electronics outside, such as a TV or a stereo system since the added screen shields your porch from harsh elements. You can also add any decorations or furniture to your patio without worrying about what the next major storm will do to them. 

Screened-in patios also stay cleaner than open patios. With an open patio, you must sweep up anything from dirt to leaves. Pollen can also cover all your furnishings in the spring. However, this isn’t the case with a screened-in patio because the screens trap most of the debris. 

Minimize Upkeep and Pests by Installing a Screen Today

It’s time to stop letting weather, bugs, and dirt ruin your time outside. Contact us today and our experienced team will have your screen installed in no time. Also, take a look at our screened-in patio gallery to get a good idea of what we can do, and check out the other services we offer for all your shutter, shades, and screen needs!