Aluminum Shutters

Looking for a functional AND fashionable outdoor shutter solution? At Longhorn Screens, we are pleased to install Two-USA aluminum shutters. You can maintain privacy while having control over the airflow and light intake. These shutters are a lovely fusion of inside appeal with outdoor ruggedness. 

These wind-resistant shutters are made in Dallas and are stylish enough to be used indoors as well. Our professional team is easy to work with and will make sure your aluminum shutters are installed in no time! 

Why Choose Aluminum Shutters For Your Outdoor Space

Aluminum shutters have a lot of different uses. All architectural types are complemented by their simple and flattering lines. They’re a great option in locations where screens could be impractical or when a more polished appearance is needed because of their utility and longevity.

If you want dramatic floor-to-ceiling shutters or a partial wall of shutters above an outdoor kitchen counter, we can customize their heights to suit your demands. You can view our aluminum shutter gallery for more inspiration.

Some additional benefits of installing aluminum shutters include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly resilient
  • Modern, attractive appearance
  • Utilized on a wide range of window sizes and shapes
  • Variety of finishes and colors
  • Reflective
  • Non Corrosive

Aluminum Shutters Are the Perfect Addition To Your Home

With their durability and timeless appearance, aluminum shutters are the ideal option for any homeowner. If you’re ready to have your new shutters installed today, contact us and check out the other services we offer for your benefit!