Plantation Shutters

Our Custom Plantation Shutters Are Functional & Beautiful

Plantation shutters are a timeless window covering solution. More than a sophisticated look, wood plantation shutters are a functional window covering for the homeowner. Given their construction, these shutters are solid, sturdy and provide versatile light filtering and coverage.

Custom Plantation Wood Shutters

Easily opened and closed, the amount of light brought into a room can be adjusted as desired. The louvers, or wooden slats comprising the shutters, can be angled at varying degrees to allow for the perfect amount of light flow. The light can be directed in different angles depending on the slant of the louvres.

Plantation shutters provide instant privacy; the operation of the shutters is simple, easy and quick with just the touch of a hand. These shutters provide a degree of insulation, reducing heat gain in the summer and slowing heat loss in the winter. Furthermore, plantation shutters can reduce the amount of noise coming through glass.

Instantly transform the look and feel of your home with beautiful plantation shutters from Longhorn.

Our Plantation Shutters

We understand the impact plantation shutters can have in home design and we’ve perfected the engineering so our customers can be confident in their investment. Wood Plantation Shutters allows homeowners flexibility in controlling the amount of light, air and noise they prefer entering their windows. They have the classic, natural look of real wood and the quality of handcrafted hardwoods.

Window Shutter Construction

We construct all of our shutters out of high-quality, 100% basswood. We offer 2.5″, 3.5″ and 4.5″ louver options. Our panels are constructed using dowel (small wooden pins) and glue joinery; the dowels enhancing the strength of the joint. The stiles are 1 1/16″ thick and the rails are a standard 3/4″ thick. We can build hidden tilt rods by request.

Custom Colors & Finish

Longhorn can stain or paint your plantation shutters using high-quality, interior, oil-based paint. We’ll work with you to determine what will look best in your home, considering style and existing paint colors.

Hard-to-Cover Windows

Need a custom option? Arched windows? Round? We can build shutters for most unique shaped windows. Instantly transform the look and feel of your home with high quality, durable, sophisticated shutters. Let’s talk!

Why Longhorn?

Longhorn custom builds our wooden plantation shutters at our facility in Denton, Texas, using top-quality wood and hardware. Our skilled craftsmen are trained to build beautiful shutters. Our philosophy is to provide superior products at competitive prices through outstanding customer service.

Do you seek the beauty and function of plantation shutter window coverings? Give us a call today to schedule your in-home consultation.

Plantation Wood Shutters


Plantation Wood Shutters


Plantation Wood Shutters