Dallas Patio Screens & Roll Away Shades

Patio Shades in Dallas, TX

In Dallas, patio screens & roll away shades can mean the difference between a miserable summer and an enjoyable one. Outdoor shades are called many different things here in The Lone Star State, but one thing stays the same – they help cool and protect your outdoor AND indoor living spaces. Retractable screens are offered in a wide variety of colors and options for interior and exterior applications. These options include

  • retractable outdoor patio screens
  • motorized outdoor patio screens
  • retractable interior shades
  • motorized retractable patio shades

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Dallas Patio Screens & Roll Away Shades

Adding shade around your patio area can be just what you need to make the outdoor living space more enjoyable to use. With the risk of being sunburned or uncomfortably hot outdoors, it’s a clever idea to get some way to block out sunlight when desired. If you’re unsure of what solution will be the best fit for your patio, consider the many benefits that come with patio roll away shades.

Benefits of Retractable Outdoor Shades. (Even When You’re Not Outdoors!)

  • Patio screens generate shade outside of your home to protect outdoor furnishings, plants, and garden equipment. Sunlight can discolor and start to break down the fibers of your patio furniture. It can also break down the plastic handles on garden tools or children’s outdoor toys, which makes them more likely to shatter or crack more quickly. Giving these items a shady, protected spot on your patio can lengthen their life and leave them brightly colored and strong.
  • Outdoor sun shades and patio screens can be the first defense against UV rays in your home. If you’ve opened your windows and pushed the curtains to the side to enjoy a late summer breeze, you have even less protection. But a patio screen blocks those UV rays and lowers the temperature of your patio and the side of the house it connects to. Not only can you enjoy filtered sunlight safely, you get the breeze without an unbearable wave of summer heat. Of course, when the sun goes down, your outdoor shades can be retracted, leaving you free to star gaze.

Reduce Sun Glare With Dallas Patio Screens & Roll Away Shades

Retractable screens can be lowered to keep that glare at bay without making your patio feel too small or obscuring the view. Roll away shades diffuse the light, so you still have plenty of natural light. A patio shade primarily keeps your patio comfortable. It blocks direct sunlight, rainfall, and leaves if your patio is near a tree. But it also stops the wall behind you and the patio floor from absorbing all of that heat. Brick and concrete have a high thermal mass, so they can absorb, store, and disperse a lot. Even a wooden deck can collect more heat than you’re comfortable with. So use a patio shade not only for the shade that protects you but for the shade that keeps the environment cooler.

The protective effect of the patio shade doesn’t just help while you’re on the patio. It also shades the exterior wall so it doesn’t store up so much heat and let it inside. If the wall adjacent to your patio also has windows, that shade can stop the radiant heat from building up in your curtains, your furniture, and even your flooring. This means your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool in the summer and that it can cool more evenly – without fighting those hot spots in your house.

Retractable Outdoor Shades for Every Need

Every situation is different. Longhorn can help you select the options that are best for yours. We specialize in motorized screens manufactured in the USA by Phifer, with a canister and ShyZip® side tracks using Somfy® motors and a remote. We also offer an open roll (no canister) manual crank-operated screen with cable side tracks which suits certain situations. Some choose motorized retractable patio screens for convenience, though those with hard-to-reach, or large-coverage shades may find motorization to be a true necessity.

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