3 Reasons You Need Solar Screens in Your Home

Everyone loves a home flooded with natural light, but no one likes that light to be in the way. Whether you’re planning on having a lazy day on the couch, or it’s just too bright in the room to watch TV, your answer might be a solar screen. But why not just lower the blinds instead? Well, here are three reasons.

3 Reasons You Need Solar Screens in Your Home

Reason #1: Maintain Visibility

Solar screens are like sunglasses for your house. They bring down the intensity of the light, but they still let you look outside to see what’s happening. If you want your home to feel open, solar screens let you maintain that look without squinting through the early morning light.

Reason #2: Easy to Clean

Unlike your blinds, which can be a pain to clean, solar screens can be easily, and quickly, washed. So even if you use them often, all it takes is a quick wipe-down to ensure they add a layer of sleekness to your windows, instead of looking grimy or dusty.

Reason #3: They Won’t Void Your Window Warranty

When you get new windows, they come with a warranty. However, if you get your windows tinted, or you put adhesive covers on them, that might end up voiding your warranty. A solar screen is neither of these things, and it allows you to adjust the brightness in your home without worrying that your comfort might be stripping your windows of a vital protection.

These are just three, basic reasons you should consider installing solar screens in your home. For more reasons, all you have to do is contact us today!