3 Reasons to Get Solar Screens This Winter

Solar screens¬†seem like a summer purchase. They can help keep your home cooler and prevent UV radiation from fading out your drapes and surfaces. But solar screens help your home out in the winter, too, and not just during unseasonably warm days. Here’s how:

3 Reasons to Get Solar Screens This Winter

1. Winter brings more sun glare into the house.

The summer sun beats straight overhead and can be unbearable without shade, but it at least spends most of the time straight overhead. In winter, the sun is at a more extreme angle and streams in through the windows more directly. It has a more southern tilt that means the light is radiating across the room more strongly instead of at a steep, downward angle. This causes more glare on your computer screen, television, and mirrors. But solar screens can diffuse the light. This lets your soak up natural light without it glinting off of your devices.

2. Solar shields provide more privacy after sunset.

Winter nights start early, and darkness can start to fall in the late afternoon. But if it’s dark outside and your home has its interior lights on, people passing by can see right inside. Solar shields already block off visibility into your home during the day, and you deserve that same degree of security at night. While they might not block the presence of light entirely, they can obscure details and inhabitants’ movements from room to room.

3. Every bit of window insulation helps.

Windows are basically open passages for heat transfer. Hot summer temperatures can heat up your house through unprotected windows, and heated winter air can just as easily seep out. Adding features like double-pained windows, solar screens, and shutters help insulate the window and prevent easy heat transfer.

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