5 Reasons to Install Custom Plantation Wood Shutters

Looking to enhance your home? Window treatments are one of the best ways to improve a home. Here are a few reasons why you should install custom plantation window shutters.

5 Reasons to Install Custom Plantation Wood Shutters


Plantation shutters give you more flexibility compared to curtains. You can easily adjust them to allow air in while still blocking the sun. You can adjust their direction to fit with the sun’s position in the sky. You can open one and close the other; curtains and blinds often come in one piece.

Easier to Clean

Plantation shutters are a lot easier to clean than curtains. You can easily wipe them off. In addition, they are a better choice for allergy sufferers. Not only can they be easily cleaned, but they are less likely to catch particles compared to curtains.

Longer Lasting

Plantation shutters have a long-lasting lifespan. Unlike curtains, they won’t get faded by the sun or ripped. Unlike plastic blinds, they won’t get cracked or bent.

Improve Home Value

Plantation shutters will improve the visual appeal of your home, both from the inside and from the outside. This will improve the value of your home. They are often kept by new owners, which will also add to your home’s value.

Save Money

Plantation shutters are cheaper to install and maintain than curtains. In addition, they’ll help you reduce the heat in your home in the summer. They’ll help keep heat inside during the winter. This will enable you to reduce your energy usage, and you’ll save money on your bills.

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