A Simple Guide to Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an attractive and classic window covering option, but they can accumulate dust and grime over time. Though they can build dust or grime, they take little time to clean. Ensure that you have the right equipment for cleaning plantation shutters, and avoid using excessive amounts of water on wooden shutters since it can result in ill-fitting shutters. Here are simple steps to keeping your shutters clean.

A Simple Guide to Cleaning Plantation Shutters

1.   Remove the Dust

Tilt your slats to an open position and wipe each one using a microfiber cloth or duster. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum each shutter row and remove dust. When you are done removing the dust using a vacuum, you can use the duster to remove dust from the corners of the shutters. If getting dust from the tight corners is challenging, you can use a toothbrush to scrub them carefully. Once you are done with dust removal, you can move to the second step.

2.   Wipe Using Damp Cloth

You cannot remove some sticky and stubborn dirt with a dry cloth. Use a damp cloth or little water to rub places with stains until it lifts. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your plantation shutters, especially wooden ones. Also, do not use excess water since it can cause the wooden shutters to warp and bend. Ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure when rubbing stains as it may affect the paint or the varnish finish on your shutters.

3.   Dry Your Plantation Shutters

After cleaning your plantation shutters, you need to dry them properly. Your plantation shutters may form spotting and water damage if you don’t dry them. Drying is important because it will also prevent dust from getting stuck on the cleaned surface. Use a clean, dry cloth to clean your shutters and every corner. Open your windows to allow fresh air to dry them, or use a fan to blow dry.

Plantation shutters are beautiful but also require a bit of upkeep. They can look dingy and dirty if you don’t clean them regularly. Follow these steps to keep your plantation shutters looking their best. At Longhorn, we build wooden plantation shutters using top-quality wood and hardware. Contact us today for a quote and consultation on how we can help your home look its best.