Bug and Insect Screens: The Essential Benefits

Bug and insect screens are a necessary choice for general home protection and essential for keeping out harmful bugs all year round. We all love the great outdoors but it’s important to keep these elements separate from indoor living. Window screens have countless benefits, they allow the opportunity for unobstructed views while circulating airflow without fear of insect infestation.

Bug and Insect Screens: The Essential Benefits

Keep nature where it belongs

Different seasons bring us a diverse range of beautiful insects and animals, including dangerous ones. The beauty of being indoors is the comfort of controlling your environment and staying safe. Bug/Insect screens allow the option of opening windows without worrying about intrusions. Window screens prevent insects and animals from crawling or flying in, making nests, biting people, causing furniture damage, and seeking out food. While nature is awe-inspiring, it belongs outdoors where it truly thrives.

Protect your home from leaves and debris

Autumn leaves and Spring pollen is essential for a well-balanced eco system. Let yourself enjoy the seasons without having them invade the inside of your home. Window screens do an impeccable job of keeping debris and leaves from blowing in through your open windows. The intricate weave of a screen keeps your home clean and stops particles from entering, while still allowing the sweet scent of spring flowers or crisp autumn breeze to be part of your day.

Beautiful views and natural airflow

The purpose of perfectly placed windows is to preserve a connection with the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful views that surround your home. Window screens can help protect the integrity of your home while maintaining a clear view without obstruction. Even if you have central heating and cooling systems, the health benefits of fresh air are undeniable. Controlling house temperature by circulating natural airflow is not only energy-efficient but vital for optimal health and clean living.

Longhorn Solar Screens create custom-built fiberglass screens woven from permanent glass yarn and coated with a protective vinyl. Our window screens are guaranteed not to rust or corrode, maintaining lasting color and flexibility. Custom screens are available in 5 colors to suit your individual style. Contact Us for assistance in choosing the perfect screens and window hardware for your home.