Custom-Made Solar Screens for Your Home

One excellent way to quickly reduce your energy bills, summer or winter, is to add solar screens to your home. For homeowners who worry about how these screens will affect their home’s curb appeal, you can rest assured that custom-made, quality solar screens will enhance the appearance of your house.

Custom-Made Solar Screens for Your Home

Solar Screen Materials

The screens, made of vinyl-coated polyester, produce a durable covering for windows. Because of the heavy-duty material, they can withstand all kinds of weather. The uniquely woven mesh offers a look that will enhance any house, regardless of its architectural style. Each frame, made of quality aluminum, holds the mesh tight and keeps it securely in place.

Solar Screen Colors

The materials used come in multiple colors so that you can coordinate them with the look of your house. For the screens, you can choose from grey, beige, or even a stucco color for a lighter look. Or you can opt for brown, bronze, or black for a darker palette. For the frame, you can select from white, champagne, tan, bronze, or mill to produce the best result. Because of the variety of colors available, the final product will always look fabulous and result in excellent curb appeal.

Solar Screen Advantages

Many benefits exist with solar screens. The most significant advantage is that they can cut down your energy bill. Because solar screens can reduce the heat in your home by 10-15 degrees, your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard. Even in the winter, the solar screens are an advantage and will help prevent heat loss, reducing your heating bill. Another advantage of solar screens is that they will prevent the sun from fading out your carpeting, hardwood flooring, and the fabric on your furniture.

For more information about custom-made solar screens, please contact us today. Our team will answer any questions you have about getting solar screens for one or more windows of your home.