Interior Window Treatment Options

The biggest accent to your home decor is your windows. They let light in and allow you a view of what is outside, and they deserve the best in beautiful window treatments. A good window treatment not only controls privacy and light but also adds to the loveliness of the room.

Interior Window Treatment Options

Plantation Shutters

One of the most beautiful options for Windows is the plantation shutter. The wide louvers and simple style of theses lovely window accents are a compliment to any style or decor. These rate as one of the top options for energy efficiency and bring value to your home. They are also the best option for the specialty or odd-shaped window. These windows are beautiful and do best with a window treatment that does not cover them up. Our shutters are custom-made, so they perfectly fit any window no matter the size or shape.

Plantation shutters claim a history that goes back to Ancient Greece, talk about standing the test of time. One of the best parts of shutters is that they allow great control over light and privacy. You can adjust the louvers allowing in light while preserving privacy and keeping direct sunlight off of your delicate furniture and surfaces.


Another great way to control light and allow for privacy is to dress your windows with blinds. These simple and charming window treatments have also stood the test of time. You can choose how much to adjust the slats, controlling the light and privacy levels.

Other than shutters, there are no other window treatments that allow you so much control. Most window treatments are either giving you privacy or are open for allowing in light. Only blinds and shutters give you both at once.

Roll Away Shades

These are a lovely window treatment, especially with the new motorized controls that are available for them. These shades come in a variety of opacity from a black out style to a privacy shade that allows quite a bit of light through it. There is something perfect for any room.

Honeycomb Shades

These are among the top rated window treatments for energy efficiency. The design of these shades uses trapped air as an insulator, and because of this, they are also a good choice in a noisy area. The cordless and motorized control options are best around small children and pets. Cords can provide them with attractive hazards.

Woven Wood Shades

This is a great option for bringing more texture into your decor. These charming shades work more as a shear than a full light control and are often paired with drapes in rooms that you want to darken more. They do provide a good clean definition to your windows, with or without curtains. They can attach inside the window frame allowing the window shape to show, or they can mount outside the window frame. Outside mounting is good if your windows are odd sized or small and you would prefer they not show as much.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we know that your window treatments are a vital part of your decor. With so many options, we have something to match any style and design. For more information on window treatments or screens, contact us today.