Minimize Your Home’s Exposure to UV Rays with Patio Roller Shades

The summer sun is a powerful thing and, even if we don’t feel it as much, the autumn sun can be just as strong. The UV rays are even now starting to drain your patio furniture of color, especially if they have seat cushions and fabrics that aren’t fully treated. Direct sunlight also makes it easy for your home’s exterior to soak in extra heat. But a patio roller shade can help protect your patio, outdoor equipment and accessories, and even your home.

Minimize Your Home's Exposure to UV Rays with Patio Roller Shades

How do patio roller shades benefit you, even if you’re not out on your patio?

  • Patio roller shades generate shade outside of your home to protect outdoor furnishings, plants, and garden equipment. Sunlight can discolor and start to break down the fibers of your patio chair and hammock; it can also start to break down the plastic casing on your garden tools or your children’s outdoor toys, which makes them likely to shatter or crack the next time they’re moved. But giving these items a shady, protected spot on your patio can lengthen their life and leave them brightly colored and strong.
  • Patio roller shades can be the first defense from letting UV rays into your home. Windows don’t block out UVA rays, which have a longer wavelength and can damage skin. If you’ve opened your windows and pushed the curtains to the side to enjoy a late summer breeze, you have even less protection. But a patio roller shade blocks those UV rays and lowers the temperature of your patio and the side of the house it connects to. Not only can you enjoy filtered sunlight safely, you get the breeze without an unbearable wave of summer heat.

Patio roller shades are just one facet of how to change your windows and home exterior to control your environment, energy usage, and sunlight exposure. But it does quite a bit of the heavy lifting. If you want to add a roller shade to your patio or you’re considering redoing all of your window fixtures, browse Longhorn Solar Screens here.