Patio Shades for Social Front Yards

More people are spending time bonding with neighbors from their front yards and neighboring patios. But how do you balance the need for privacy and the desire for social interaction? A great solution is the retractable patio shades that let you have more control over privacy and lighting. Some homes already have the designated space for a front patio — but the area seems naked and unfinished without patio shade screens. Whether you want to invite neighbors to chat on the porch over lemonade or discuss philosophy from across the lawn, it’s nice to turn a front yard and patio into a social space.

Patio Shades for Social Front Yards

Enjoying the view

One of the perks of owning a patio is the freedom to kick back, relax and take in the spectacular views without battling bees, mosquitoes and other insects. Even if your patio is semi-private, there is such a thing as too much privacy. Sometimes you want to see out at people or nature. With professional patio shades, homeowners achieve a higher control of lighting, UV protection and unhindered views – all while achieving that coveted finished look that guests and neighbors admire. The key for optimal happiness with your patio shades is flexibility.

Receiving protection from the elements

With retractable patio screens or roll-away shades, a sudden rainstorm won’t ruin a family meal on the patio or party. Just as shades keep out insects, they also reduce the impact of wind storms and rainfall.

Keeping doors open

Roll-away patio shades let you keep the French doors between the main part of the home and the patio. Critters are less likely to find an entry into the home with roll up patio shades.

Inside the home, opt for layered shades that also give you flexibility depending on whether the shades are in the down or raised position. With the shades open a crack, decide whether you want to invite in the guest or pretend you aren’t home. Motorized shades inside the home also make life easier and safer compared to dangling cords around small children.

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