Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are one of the unique features in a home that serve a dual purpose. Because they function as a door and a window, it can be hard to find a window treatment that’s both functional and chic. Consider these three types of coverings that will allow your sliding glass door to function, as well as upgrade the style of your home.

Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical Blinds

When you think of vertical blinds, you may imagine the flimsy plastic strips of the past. Vertical blinds have come a long way over the last few decades. Now designed for durability and looks, these blinds can be found in almost any color, and a variety of materials. They stay dust free, and allow for easy access in and out of your sliding door.

Custom Shutters

Installing custom shutters on your sliding glass door is a unique way to enhance your interior decor. The shutters can be opened when the door is in use, and then later closed to give your home maximum privacy. Shutters also allow you to regulate the amount of light coming in from your sliding glass door. These shutters can bring the elegance of french doors into your space, without the large price tag.

Drapes and Sheer Curtains

There’s no mistaking the luxurious feeling that drapes and sheer curtains can bring to a room. When installed correctly, they add height and a sense of sophistication to the space. They can easily be pulled aside for access to your door, and just as easily be closed to bring a feeling of coziness to the room. Pairing drapes with sheer curtains also allows for you to keep the room as bright, or as dim as you would like.

Window treatments are one of the most noticeable and important parts of decorating your home. If you’re considering upgrading the coverings on your sliding glass doors, contact us at Longhorn Solar Screens to explore your options.