Window Treatments For Small Spaces: The 7 Best Choices

When I moved into my first apartment, I was excited to have a space that was all mine finally. But when you add up all the windows in my new home, it turned out to be smaller than I expected! Thankfully, there’s no need for your small space to feel claustrophobic. You can let light in with the right window treatments and make it feel welcoming. Here are some ideas:

Window Treatments For Small Spaces: The 7 Best Choices

Light-colored curtains

Light-colored curtains will help your small space feel more spacious. Try light-colored curtains with a pattern or texture if you want to make your room feel as large as possible. However, do not overdo it; if you use too many patterns and textures in a small space, it will have the opposite effect of making the room look smaller than it is.


These are the most versatile window treatments. They come in various styles, materials, and colors, but they all function the same way: they block light and heat from entering your home. Shades may be hung from a window frame or suspended from the ceiling, depending on how you want them to look—it’s up to you!

Shades can also be mounted one of two ways: inside or outside of your windows. Inside mounting is when shades are attached directly to the inside surface of your windows so that no hardware shows from outside. Outside support means that shades are mounted on an exterior wall instead of an interior one; this allows them to extend beyond your windows and create a more dramatic effect with their fabric patterns and textures.

Linen drapes

Linen drapes are an excellent choice for oversized windows, as they are easy to wash and clean. They can be made to fit any size window in your home so you can use them throughout your house. Linen drapes are also beautiful when paired with other fabrics in the room; think about using different materials on the bottom than on top of your curtains.

Linen drapes work well in kitchens or dining rooms because they look nice but can also withstand the wear and tear that comes with these areas of the home (like spills or splatters). Linen is naturally soft and will feel luxurious against your skin while still durable enough to last through years of everyday use.

Sheer curtains

If you’re looking for window treatments that are more open and airy but still provide privacy, then sheer curtains are a perfect choice. They let light in and air out while adding an extra layer of protection from prying eyes.

Sheer curtains can be challenging to find in specific colors, but if you have time to wait around at the store or online for them to come back into stock, this should be fine! Also, remember that they tend to be pricier than regular curtains because of their delicate nature (they can tear easily).

Curtains with tie-backs

Curtains with tie-backs can be an excellent option for small spaces. Tie-backs are simple and easy to use and help keep curtains closed and the room dark. They’re also good at creating privacy, allowing you to block out light while letting people see outside your home.

Tie-backs come in two types: curtain rod mounted (pictured above) and wall mountable, typically installed directly behind the curtain instead of on top. The latter option is more popular because it offers more flexibility by allowing you to choose exactly where you want them installed on your wall—perhaps over a window or near your door so guests can enter without knocking over their furniture!

Roman shades

Roman shades are an excellent option for small spaces, as they can provide privacy, light control, and decoration. Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics and styles. For example, you could use a roman shade made from lace or fabric to add texture and elegance to your windows.

Roman shades can also be used as room dividers; they’re best suited for large windows that need multiple treatments because they provide plenty of coverage on each side of the window frame.

Textured drapes

Textured drapes can make a room feel more spacious and help create a sense of depth. They can also be made from many different materials, including silk, cotton, and other natural fibers; blends of natural and synthetic fibers; or synthetic fabrics that look like silk or linen. You may want to use textured drapes in any room in your home, but they’re incredibly effective for small spaces because they’ll visually expand the area around them.


Small spaces can often feel cramped and cluttered, but the right window treatments can help to open them up and make them feel bigger. Longhorn offers a great selection of window treatments that are perfect for small spaces, so if you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s look and feel. Contact us today to learn more about our services.