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Keep Your Patio Comfortable This Winter: 3 Reasons to Add Roll Away Shades

Patios aren’t just for enjoying a balmy summer evening. Keep your patio comfortable all year with a dependable set of roll away shades. Here are three ways they can help keep your deck comfortable.

Keep Your Patio Comfortable This Winter: 3 Reasons to Add Roll Away Shades

1. Don’t let winter sun glare force you inside.

The winter sun hugs close to the southern horizon, even in the early afternoon. This new angle creates a lot of glare and stops your patio roof from being as effective. But roll away shades can drop down to keep that glare at bay without making your patio feel too small or ruining the view. Roll away shades diffuse the light so you still have plenty of natural light. Look for models that you can program on a timer or have a solar sensor so you don’t have to reset the shades throughout the seasons.

2. Keep your space heated.

It can start to dip below freezing even in the late fall. If you’re not a fan of cold temperatures, that can make going outside uncomfortable even while the sun still shining. A space heater can only warm a small portion of an unprotected deck, especially if there’s a breeze. But roll away shades create enough of a barrier to help keep that heat contained. Even though roll away shades are made with a mesh fabric full of holes that allow for good air flow, it can still keep the majority of your space heater’s output center in your patio so you don’t have to stay huddled near the vents.

3. The shields can deflect snowfall.

Texas doesn’t get many blizzards, but it does get an occasional slushy snowfall that has a mix of snowflakes and rain. Your roll away shades can keep the flurry off of your patio, even if it suddenly starts falling. While your shade can’t deflect a heavy snowstorm, they can give you enough cover to get back inside or even to stay on your patio and watch a light snowfall.

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Control the Effects of Your Home’s Thermal Mass with Patio Roll Away Shades

Commercial and residential architects are looking deep into how to save energy while powering and cooling (or heating) a building. One of the recurring themes for people willing for make or customize their homes is reducing the impact of thermal mass. But you don’t have to start building your second home on an empty plot to take advantage of the idea.

Control the Effects of Your Home's Thermal Mass with Patio Roll Away Shades

How does thermal mass impact your energy bill?

Different materials absorb heat at different rates, and some materials can store up the heat for a long time. Go outside tonight and feel the exterior brick wall of your house. Even when it cools down in the evening, the brick is still warm because of all the heat it absorbed from the sun. During the winter, that can be a good thing because it protects the interior from sudden temperature drops while everyone is still active after sunset. But during the summer, it can mean there’s no relief from the heat and it can feel like your home is baking in the late afternoon. This added heat finds its way into your home, and that means your air conditioner has to combat it with even more energy to keep the house comfortable.

How can a roll away patio shade help?

A patio shade primarily keeps your patio comfortable. It blocks direct sunlight, rainfall, and leaves if your patio is near a tree. But it also stops the wall behind you and the patio floor from absorbing all of that heat. Brick and concrete have a high thermal mass, so they can absorb, store, and disperse a lot. Even a wooden deck can collect more heat than you’re comfortable with. So use a patio shade not only for the shade that protects you but for the shade that keeps the environment cooler.

The protective effect of the patio shade doesn’t just help while you’re on the patio. It also shades the exterior wall so it doesn’t store up so much heat and let it inside. If the wall adjacent to your patio also has windows, that shade can stop the natural light’s heat from building up in your curtains, your furniture, and even your flooring.

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Minimize Your Home’s Exposure to UV Rays with Patio Roller Shades

The summer sun is a powerful thing and, even if we don’t feel it as much, the autumn sun can be just as strong. The UV rays are even now starting to drain your patio furniture of color, especially if they have seat cushions and fabrics that aren’t fully treated. Direct sunlight also makes it easy for your home’s exterior to soak in extra heat. But a patio roller shade can help protect your patio, outdoor equipment and accessories, and even your home.

Minimize Your Home's Exposure to UV Rays with Patio Roller Shades

How do patio roller shades benefit you, even if you’re not out on your patio?

  • Patio roller shades generate shade outside of your home to protect outdoor furnishings, plants, and garden equipment. Sunlight can discolor and start to break down the fibers of your patio chair and hammock; it can also start to break down the plastic casing on your garden tools or your children’s outdoor toys, which makes them likely to shatter or crack the next time they’re moved. But giving these items a shady, protected spot on your patio can lengthen their life and leave them brightly colored and strong.
  • Patio roller shades can be the first defense from letting UV rays into your home. Windows don’t block out UVA rays, which have a longer wavelength and can damage skin. If you’ve opened your windows and pushed the curtains to the side to enjoy a late summer breeze, you have even less protection. But a patio roller shade blocks those UV rays and lowers the temperature of your patio and the side of the house it connects to. Not only can you enjoy filtered sunlight safely, you get the breeze without an unbearable wave of summer heat.

Patio roller shades are just one facet of how to change your windows and home exterior to control your environment, energy usage, and sunlight exposure. But it does quite a bit of the heavy lifting. If you want to add a roller shade to your patio or you’re considering redoing all of your window fixtures, browse Longhorn Solar Screens here.

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3 Reasons to Consider Patio Roll Away Shades

Adding shade around your patio area can be just what you need to make the outdoor living space more enjoyable to use. With the risk of being sunburned or uncomfortably hot outdoors, it’s a clever idea to get some way to block out sunlight when desired. If you’re unsure of what solution will be the best fit for your patio, consider the many benefits that come with patio roll away shades.3 Reasons to Consider Patio Roll Away Shades

Flexibility to Allow in Light

While some patio curtains can be great for blocking out light due to how thick they are, they may be difficult to move out of the way when you want to bring in light. With this in mind, you can look into how patio roll away shades can be very effective. Being able to quickly roll up the shades can allow you to adjust the lighting in just seconds.

Easy to Keep in Good Condition

Since roll away shades can be rolled up when you are expecting poor weather or a lot of dust and allergens outside, you can easily control how dirty they get. While regular curtains are going to pick up a lot of wear just from being outside, you can roll the shades up so that they won’t be as exposed to the elements.

Variety of Colors and Styles

The range of colors and styles for roll away shades can be highly appealing when you are in the process of decorating and furnishing your patio. By selecting shades that look fantastic with the other features in your yard, you will be able to create a truly personal space.

If you’re interested in roll away shades, feel free to contact us so that we can match you with the best fit for your patio.