The Advantages of Patio Roll-Away Shades

Anyone who loves to spend time outside on their patio will understand the desire for and the importance of protective shades. Having roll-away shades attached to your patio not only increases the value of your property but comes with several other significant advantages too.

The Advantages of Patio Roll-Away Shades

Roll-Away Shades Offer Protection

Shades will help to keep your patio cooler in the summer by blocking the direct rays of the sun. Shades will also protect you from the wind and the rain. They will protect you and your family from nosy neighbors by offering you privacy while you’re relaxing on your patio. Shades will also protect you from biting insects and other irritating bugs.

Roll-Away Shades Provide Beauty

You can elevate the look of your backyard with roll-away shades on your patio. A variety of colors are available so you can coordinate the look with your home. Screen colors come in black, dark bronze, brown, beige, gray, and stucco which will allow you to choose a color that enhances your home’s exterior. Frames come in a white, mill, champagne, bronze, or tan color, so you can find a match that will look excellent with virtually any architectural style.

Roll-Away Shades Are Durable

High-quality materials ensure that your shades will last. The extruded hood of these types of shades is dent and impact resistant, which are fabulous features, especially during high winds when debris starts flying. With these sturdy, roll-away shades, any sized patio will be protected from the elements once you’ve lowered them and closed off the space.

For information about getting roll-away shades installed on your patio, please contact us today. Our highly qualified staff members will answer any questions you have. We will also let you know about all of the various options available to you that can make the time you spend out on your patio more pleasant.