How to Keep Pests Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens¬†are a great way to transform your outdoor living space into an outdoor oasis. When you can cook, store food, and have dinner outside, you can enjoy more of the events that you’re hosting. But having food outside can also encourage pests that you didn’t invite.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Keep mosquitoes and flying bugs out of your outdoor kitchen while you’re cooking with these three features:

1. Descending Insect Screens Over Walkways

The best part of an outdoor kitchen is how seamlessly it integrates with your backyard and the rest of your outdoor living space. But sometimes that wide open walkway makes it impossible to keep mosquitoes out of the kitchen. Outfit the space with descending window screens so you can narrow or completely block the walkway. Then you can use a screen door to walk in and out without getting stung.

2. A Fire Pit or Fireplace

Controlled smoke keeps flying bugs out of your way. Use a combination of your fire pit and outdoor candles to discourage pests from making your outdoor kitchen their temporary home.

3. Insect Screens in Your Kitchen’s Windows

If your outdoor kitchen has lots of counter space, it also has cutouts and windows so you can view your backyard. Keep these sealed with insect screens that don’t block the view. Look for fiberglass screens with a fine enough mesh to keep mosquitoes, flies, and gnats away from the food. Not only does this addition make cooking and eating outdoors more enjoyable, but it also keeps your family and the meal safe from insect-borne diseases.

If you want to outfit your outdoor kitchen with custom-built insect screens that can protect every opening, contact our team at Longhorn Solar Screens. Our team can survey your outdoor kitchen, recommend the right screens for your home, and get them installed before your next outdoor get-together.