3 Benefits of Installing Insect Screens

With spring arriving, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. To help you make the most of the warm sunny days, it may be worth thinking about installing insect screens in your home. Here are a few of the benefits they provide:

3 Benefits of Installing Insect Screens

Keep bugs out

Most obviously, insect screens will help keep many annoying pests out of your home. While the warm weather may be making you want to spend more time outdoors, it also means more bugs will be out and about. From stinging wasps to annoying mosquitoes, many insects that call Texas home will also become more common with the warmer weather. In addition to annoying bites and stings, bugs like house flies and mosquitoes can also carry bacteria or viruses that can make you sick – keeping them out of your home can help keep your family safer too!

A good investment

Sometimes all it takes is a cool breeze to take the edge off a warm day. Insect screens can help you to keep the AC off on more moderate days, helping you to save on energy bills. Insect screens can also help increase the value of your home and are investments that last. Quality insect screens are coated with protective materials that will help keep them from rusting or corroding for years.

Protect your privacy and safety

While bug screens will allow light into your home, they also can give you a little extra privacy without having to fully close off the shades. You will still be able to see outside, but others will have a more obstructed view. For families with pets or small kids, it can also give you a little peace of mind that they won’t be able to accidentally open a window and get outside.

If installing insect screens in your home sounds like the right choice for you, reach out to Longhorn to learn more about our custom, high-quality, bug screens.