3 Reasons to Install Bug/Insect Screens

In these warm summer months, an open window and a nice breeze sound like a little taste of paradise. Hundreds of insects flying inside your home, however, doesn’t sound quite as lovely. Fresh air comes at a price when insects and potentially some other (larger) pests seek shelter within your clean, welcoming, home. Open windows offer the perfect opportunity for creepy-crawlies to invite themselves in. Insect screens provide a faultless solution to open doors and invading critters. With their easy-to-clean nature and open concept, insect screens get the job done without providing roadblocks to daily living. These 3 reasons to install bug/insect screens make insect screens a no-brainer.

Keep the Bugs Out

Naturally, insect screens serve one main purpose: keeping unwanted insects and pests out of the home. When properly installed on household doors and windows, screens can effectively eliminate all points of entry for insects outside the house. Insect screens offer peace of mind for homeowners who seek to open doors and windows without worrying about dangerous and inconvenient bugs getting into the house.

3 Reasons to Install Bug/Insect Screens

Easy to Clean

No one likes cleaning windows, and some owners may think that insect screens offer just one more window covering to worry about keeping clean around the house. However, screens are easy to remove and just as easy to clean. Simply rinse the screen with mild cleaning solution and warm water and replace in the window frame.

Let the Air and Light In

Homeowners who shy away from insect screens may worry about blocking light and air from entering and circulating within the home. Insect screen designs allow maximum air flow, ensuring an open-window feel without allowing bugs to enter. Likewise, screens nowadays contain certain materials to allow light to enter freely from outside.

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