Solar Screens And Passive Cooling Designs To Cut Your Energy Costs

Energy costs during the summer months sky-rocket as using the AC in your home becomes essential to survival. Surviving the hottest days of summer can also be done with good building designs and passive energy solutions, such as using solar screens and other improvements that keep the heat out and the cool air in. Here are some of the ways that passive cooling improvements are easily added to homes with solar screens and other window improvements:

Solar Screens And Passive Cooling Designs To Cut Your Energy Costs

Solar Screens As The Affordable Window Improvement To Keep Heat Out

Replacement windows have been marketed as a great window improvement, but they are not right for every home. The cost can sometimes outweigh the benefits when it comes to replacement windows. Today, there is the solar screen alternative to replacements, which are screens that help reduce heat gain. These screens help protect your home during the hottest Texas heat, as well as providing you with extra privacy. Solar screens will be fully functional; allowing you to open and close them as needed.

Adding Tinted, Energy Efficient Window Films For Areas That Get Direct Sun

For homes with old single-pane glass, window film is another option to consider. Window films can be installed on the glass to improve energy efficiency. In areas where you get direct sunlight, window film will provide you with more protection. Tinted films can even be used for more privacy.

Thermal Blinds And Interior Window Treatments To Protect Against Heat Gain

Thermal blinds and interior window treatments are also great improvements to consider for your windows. Thermal window treatments are measured to fit tightly in the window openings and provide your home with more insulation from the weather outside; whether it is the hot Texas summers or the months of cold winters.

These are some of the ways passive cooling can be added to your home with simple window improvements. If you are ready to start keeping the heat out of your home, contact us to fit your windows with new solar screens and stay cool for the summer.