3 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Bug/Insect Screens

Installing screens on your windows are essential for keeping bugs, birds, insects, leaves, dust, and debris out of your home, while at the same time maintaining sunlight and a good airflow. However, no screen lasts forever. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your window screens.

3 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Bug/Insect Screens

It’s Old and Brittle

Over time, screens can bend and become brittle. This can cause small openings, which can lead to insects getting into your home. If your screens are many years old, it’s time to replace them with newer, modern ones.

There’s a Rip or Hole

Rips, tears, and holes can occur even in the best of screens. A flying object such as a ball can easily cause a gaping void in your screen. Cats, dogs, and other pets can also cause holes in your screens. If you want to keep the dirt out, replace your screen right away.

You Notice Lots of Bugs

If you notice lots of insects in your home, or you’re getting an unexplained number of mosquitos in your house at night, it may be caused by a faulty screen somewhere. Check your windows and replace your screens as needed.

Generally, most screens will last 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. However, it will really depend on a number of factors, including exposure to sunlight and moisture and the materials the screen is made out of.

Contact us today so that we can check if your screens need to be replaced. Our bug screens are custom-built and are made from the best materials.