3 Top Window Treatment Options for Your Breakfast Nook

Starting the day in the comfort of a breakfast nook is one of life’s simple pleasures. Yet, your choice of window treatment plays a big role in how much enjoyment you get from the space. To help you make a selection that best fits your needs, here are the benefits of the top window treatments for breakfast nooks.

3 Top Window Treatment Options for Your Breakfast Nook

Roller Shades

This is a good option for homeowners who like to take in an outdoor view with their morning coffee. View through roller shades are available in neutral colors to complement every type of kitchen decor. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 76 percent of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows comes into the home as heat. Roller shades are energy efficient. They prevent such substantial heat gain from entering your kitchen, which is important during the warmer months in the Dallas area.

Plantation Shutters

If controlling how much morning light enters is important to you, plantation shutters could be the right window treatment for your breakfast nook. Plantation shutters are made of wooden slats known as louvers. Homeowners can adjust the louvers to change the amount of light that comes in the breakfast nook. When privacy is desired, the louvers can be closed completely.

Plantation shutters can be created in custom shapes, making them a good choice for breakfast nooks with unusual window shapes. Longhorn Solar Screens offers their plantation shutters in custom colors. They’re the perfect window treatment option for homeowners who want bold colors that stand out and those who want their window treatment to blend in.

Sheer Shades

Homeowners who need a solution that complements a breakfast nook’s contemporary decor should consider sheer shades. They’re elegant, yet they offer the light control many homeowners want in the morning.

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