Choosing Colors, Styles and Fabric for Motorized Shades and More

Motorized shades are part of the booming smart-home technology trend as homeowners want to automate everything – controlling temperature and the mood without cumbersome cords. When installing motorized retractable patio screens, remote control blinds or automatic shades, consider the ideal color, texture and style for your home. Some patterns and fabric inspire thoughts of cozy cottages or country gardens while others have a sleek, modern feel.

Choosing Colors, Styles and Fabric for Motorized Shades and More

Opting or calm, soothing colors

While bold colors make people feel energetic and alive, the big trend is one that encourages relaxation and peace in stressful times. Think in terms of soothing blues, soft shades and warm hues that make family members feel grounded. It’s always fun to blend and match colors whether it’s the shades, window trim, area rugs or furniture colors in a home. According to, some homeowners are stuck on the gray rage, but earth tones help bring you back to center. Go-to hues include cream and caramel as opposed to the olive greens of the 1970s.

Selecting hardware and rods

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing stylish metallic accents when choosing interior window treatments as well retractable screens. Coordinate drapes, shades and panels with polished brass, stainless steel, or brushed nickel depending on knobs, levers, bathroom and kitchen hardware throughout the home.

Choosing unique fibers

One trend in motorized shades is eco-friendly materials. Unique fibers give your home an earthy ambiance. Whether you choose shades made from rattan, grasses, bamboo, hemp or reeds, the earth-friendly fibers respond to the wide range of weather patterns. According to Forbes, eco-friendly interior design features using sustainable materials are increasingly important.

Also, consider how each room in a home gets used when selecting motorized shades. For example, is the primary goal boosting privacy, reducing glare for work purposes or achieving energy efficiency? People who need to protect artwork or fabric often choose shades that block out harmful UV rays.

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