How to Achieve the Spa Feeling at Home

Spas know how to create a relaxing multi-sensory experience. Achieving that spa feeling at home is possible by creating a calming sensory environment. Here are tips to transform your home into a tranquil oasis.

How to Achieve the Spa Feeling at Home

Enjoying Relaxing Scents

Aromatherapy diffusers have become the popular choice for delighting the sense of smell. Adding an essential oil like vanilla, lavender, or jasmine can be calming. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can get similar results by lighting candles in one of those scents.

Soothing Yourself with Sound

Peaceful sounds are as close as your smartphone. Apps that play white noise or nature sounds can block noise from the outside world. Also, you could use your phone to play instrumental music or other tunes you find relaxing.

Bringing in Nature’s Color Palette

Blues, greens, and browns aren’t just the colors found in nature. They’re also the colors that calm. While painting your bedroom or bathroom in one of those colors isn’t a bad idea, houseplants and home accessories are simpler ways to add the right colors. Consider easy to grow houseplants like succulents, pothos, or dracaena. Bedding, throw pillows, and window treatments provide more opportunities to bring in colors from nature.

Sipping Spa Water

Usually, fruit-infused spa water is a simple combination of an herb like fennel or mint and sliced fruit such as lemon, lime, orange, or strawberry. The ratio of fruit, herb, and water is a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind it’s best to only make the amount of spa water you can drink in one day. (On day two, the fruit could be soggy.)

Incorporating Natural Light

Spas bring in natural light without compromising privacy or being too bright to relax. With sheer shades, you can have the benefits of natural light and light control at home.

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