4 Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Screens

Most people today are interested in using methods aimed at improving the state of their homes. If privacy and comfort are your priorities, then you should consider installing solar screens. Solar screens comprise of unique screen mesh and a PVC coating for durability. They keep away elements from entering your home, provide privacy, and cut down solar gain. The following questions will guide you better to understand solar screens.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Screens

1. Do Solar Screens Improve Energy Efficiency?

Yes, they do improve energy efficiency by a substantial percentage. Research has it that solar screens block up to 90% of sunlight as well as heat. Did you know that heat, together with sunlight, accounts for about 44% of the heat gain your property experiences? Other than energy efficiency, solar screens will help your system to heat and cool in a much more relaxed manner.

2. Is Caring and Cleaning the Solar Screens Difficult?

Not all. Usually, the shades are installed on your window’s exterior. As such, they can be removed easily for cleaning whenever the need arises. Rinse them off, and once they are dry, put them back to resume their purpose. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can be sure they will last a long while.

3. Will Outsiders Be Able to Seek the Inside of the House Once the Installation Is Done?

No. Nobody will be in a position to see through the inside of your house. During the daytime, it is practically impossible to see through from outside. In the night time when the lights are on, it is possible to see through from outside. However, the view usually is clouded and diffused. Light differential principles are what the solar screens work on.

4. Are the Screens Manually or Automatically Operated?

Both can do. Screens are operated either manually or automatically. There are manual screens that keep insects at bay, and they also provide limited solar management. Automated solar screens have increased solar functions.

We hope you stand better informed about the screens from the above questions. Feel free to contact us for more information or other questions about solar screens.