4 Signs You Need New Insect Screens

Ask any homeowner if they ever think about insect screens, and they will tell you not all. Insect screens usually are at the bottom of the list. These screens help to prevent the entry of various elements such as dust, insects, leaves, bugs, debris, and birds.  It is thus vital to understand that insect screens do not last eternity, and getting a new one is imperative. This article delves into some indicators that you require a new insect screen.

4 Signs You Need New Insect Screens

Torn Fabric

That is the most obvious and visible on all signs. When the window mesh is torn, it can no longer function. The fabric could get torn during installation or through damage by pets, children, or rodents. You do not have to wait until the entire structure or mesh is torn. Make a replacement as soon as you can.

Brittle and Shiny screens

Everything has a time limit, insect screens notwithstanding. These screens are every day exposed to harsh elements and sunlight, which makes their lifespan shorten by the day. With regards to the kind of climate in the area you are in, after some time, insect window screens start to become shiny and get brittle. When they get to this point, the insect screens become prone to other kinds of damage. Replace the filters once they start getting brittle and shiny.

Damaged Window Frames

Window frames go a long way to hold the window screens together. As time goes by, these frames may deteriorate, causing damage to the insect screen. Damaged window frames and screens look unkempt and present a bad picture. A replacement is, therefore, inevitable.

Difficulty Operating the Window

A damaged fabric screen makes it difficult to open and close the window. As such, it becomes difficult to enjoy some cool air into the room. Inspect your fabric screen for any damages. In case of any damages, be ready to replace the screen.

We hope you find the above four signs vital as you think about that replacement. Visit our website or contact us for more information. We offer top-notch service.