6 Style Tips for Dreamy Two-story Window Treatments

Two-story window treatments can add beauty, dreams, and detail to your home. If you have tall windows, you need to decide on the right treatment to use. Covering your window, however, does not mean that you obscure the beautiful architectural details.

6 Style Tips for Dreamy Two-story Window Treatments

Using the right window treatments can bring out the beauty of your windows and give your space a stunning look. You’ll also be able to control your views while protecting your furnishing at the same time. Here are six style tips to make your two-story treatments dreamy just like your windows.

1. If you have tall windows, you should ornament the uppermost windows using faux iron grilles. It’ll bring in natural light to your room. You can also use solar screens behind the grilles to prevent the UV lights from damaging your furnishings.

2. If you have extra-long drapes, combine them with a tailored window shade for a complementary pair. For more convenience, you can use motorized shades to make it easy to raise or lower with a push of a button.

3. You can also opt for bottom-up or top-down shades that extend from the base window and down from the top. You can adjust the shades to give you privacy and allow natural light in.

4. Use custom Roman shades to keep the overall effect of your room. It also allows you to enjoy privacy and make your space light and airy.

5. Go for subdued patterns and neutral colors for your two-story windows, since they don’t compete with the sunlight.

6. If you have arched windows above your windows, use made-to-measure blinds to draw attention to the unique shape.

Using the above ideas, you can make your two-story windows stylish and practical. If you want to make your space look more beautiful, contact us for all your interior window treatment needs.