A Brief Overview of Roll-away Solar Screens

Roll-away solar screens are an easy and affordable way to reduce the heat in your home during the summer. However, their effectiveness can be affected by trees and bushes, so you need to ensure that plants and shrubs don’t act as a shield to your solar screens.

A Brief Overview of Roll-away Solar Screens

How do Roll-away Solar Screens Work?


Solar screens work by blocking out the sun’s heat, which prevents the home from overheating. They can be installed on any window and come in various colors and mesh sizes. There are many different solar screens on the market, but one of the most popular is the roll-away solar screen. This solar screen is easy to install and can be quickly rolled away when not in use.

Roll-away solar screens work by using a series of thin metal rods attached to the top and bottom of the screen. The rods are then connected to a pulley system that allows you to roll the screen up and down easily.

The roll-away solar screen is relatively easy to install, but it does require a little bit of maintenance. To keep your roll-away solar screen in good condition, you must regularly clean the screen and inspect it to ensure that everything is in working order.


Benefits of Roll-away Solar Screens


A roll-away solar screen in the hot Texas sun is a homeowner’s best friend. These screens protect your home from the sun and can even help keep it cooler in the summer months. Below are some of the benefits of having a roll-away solar screen in your home:


  1. Can help reduce your energy bill by blocking the sun’s heat from entering your home. It can help keep your home cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning.
  2. Can protect your furniture and flooring from fading in the sun.
  3. They provide privacy by blocking outsiders’ views into your home.
  4. Finally, they are affordable


Types of roll-away solar screens


There are three main types of solar screens: standard, retractable, and motorized. Standard solar screens are the most common type and are installed using screws or clips. Retractable solar screens can be retracted when not in use, which makes them a good option for windows that are difficult to reach. Motorized solar screens can be retracted remotely using a remote.



Roll-away solar screens can be installed by a professional or DIY. If you decide to install the solar screens yourself, clean the window with a natural window cleaner. Spray on some water and gently wipe away any dust or dirt. Next, add a layer of window film over the entire window and then pop in the solar screen. Finally, install the screen using any of the options we mentioned above.

Take Note: Some solar screens may require different installation methods if you use a motorized window screen. Roll-away Solar screens typically cost $200 and $1,000 to install. You can expect to install a roll-away solar screen in around 15 minutes or less.


If you want to protect your windows from the harsh elements, you’ll need to invest in a roll-away solar screen explicitly made for the job. Lastly, prepare for summer by installing Longhorn Solar ScreensContact us today!