How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

How do solar screens work? Why use them? And what are their benefits? Solar screens are dark screen panels that are placed on your window. They deflect the brightness of the sunlight so that no sun glare enters your home. The good part is that unless you’re close to the window, you can’t really tell that a solar screen is installed. You can see out of your window perfectly. This is because of the uniform design of the strands in the solar screen.

How Solar Screens Work and the Benefits of Using Them

The solar screens won’t block sunlight from coming in your room — you’ll still have a bright room with plenty of sunshine; your room won’t be dark. What it does is it simply takes away the negative parts of sunlight, namely the glare that often accompanies the sun on a bright day. This is especially true for windows on the east and west sides of the house, where the sun shines extremely brightly in the morning and afternoon.

Unlike an awning, which isn’t always effective (it depends on the sun’s position in the sky), and unlike tint or film, which will probably void your window warranty and may damage your thermal windows, solar screens are designed to block the sun’s glare from ever reaching your window glass.

Solar screens have other benefits, besides less sun glare. They will reduce the fading effect the sun usually has on your curtains, carpets, and wood furniture. The type of sunlight they let in is also beneficial for plants. It will also help you save money on your air conditioning bill in the summer.

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