Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Solar screens replace the insect screens on the outside of your business or commercial property but do so much more. They block much of the harmful UV rays from reaching the inside while allowing in most of the natural sunlight. This is greatly beneficial to keeping the environment comfortable.

Benefits of Solar Screens For Your Commercial Property

Energy Savings

Sunlight enters a window, and much of that energy becomes heat on the inside. Interior window treatments can only insulate you from the already existing heat. For the most part, UV rays add nothing to your light level, but that is where the heat stems from. This makes your air conditioner work harder than it should and raises your power bill. By blocking most of these harmful rays, you decrease the load on your air conditioner and improve the cooling effects.

Protect Furniture

The UV rays that the screens block out are the part of direct sunlight that does the damage to your furniture, carpets, rugs, and any hardwood floors you have. So much of our window treatments are for protecting these surfaces from the dulling and fading effects of sunlight. Because you are blocking the harmful rays before they come in, you have less need to have your windows covered against the sunlight. Your primary purpose for interior window treatments now is privacy.

Natural Light

The visible part of sunlight is only slightly blocked by the screens, so you can enjoy plenty of natural light. Houseplants will not mind the screens in the least, and many actually do better with them. This also blocks much of the glare that comes in your windows, making your environment a more comfortable place.

Window insulation

In winter, the screens act as a layer of insulation. This helps to keep it warmer in the colder months. There is far more night than day in the winter, and the heat loss at night is a bigger factor for windows than the sunlight is in the day. By adding a layer of insulation over your windows, you will lose less heat to the night sky.


The solar screens come in a variety of colors for both the fabric and the frame. This will match and accent the style of the exterior while protecting the beauty and comfort of the inside.

At Longhorn Solar Screens, we know windows inside and out. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with solar screens for the outside and window treatments for the inside. After all, you deserve the best in comfort and style.