Patio Roll Away Shades: The Best Of Both Worlds!

How To Partly Control Your Outdoor Living

The sun provides us with light and heat. But uncontrolled, it can cause discomfort and even physical harm. But fear not: patio roll away shades are available!

Patio Roll Away Shades: The Best Of Both Worlds!

Here are Their Top Benefits

  • Comfort. The sun’s rays can raise temperatures inside homes to unpleasant levels. Rollaway shades are excellent at reducing solar heating in warmer months.
  • Privacy. Patio shades help keep private things private.
  • “Insect avoidance”. While reducing glare and heat from the sun’s rays, patio roll away shades obviously prevent unwanted insects from invading our “space”. Not only are insects bothersome, but some (especially mosquitoes) carry dangerous diseases.
  • Wind reduction. Although the wind is rarely a constant irritant, having solar shades installed does diminish the effect of high winds and breezes.
  • Energy efficiency. It goes without saying that keeping heat out of the house allows a home’s cooling system to work less. This translates to a decreased energy bill. A return on your investment.
  • Houseplant help. Meaning that the sunlight allowed in is more than enough for your indoor plants to remain healthy.

These benefits illustrate why having roll away shades installed is smart wherever we live, but especially in very hot climates. Patio roll away shades allow us to enjoy the benefits of sunlight while avoiding some of the nuisances of nature!

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You really can have the best of both worlds: Natures appeal and protection from its hazards. You’ll enjoy our energy-efficient products for your home now….and for years to come!