Discover the Uniqueness of our Window Blinds

Window blinds are interior window treatments that transform the rooms and give them a whole new look. They come in different sizes, colors, and makes, depending on the functionality. At Longhorn solar Screens, we are delighted to offer you versatile, functional, and durable blinds that will give your room enduring designs and the best home upgrades you aspire to.

Discover the Uniqueness of our Window Blinds

How are our blinds unique?

We have a wide range of blind materials that come in different shapes, sizes (mostly 2″ and 2.5″), and colors to suit customers’ needs and the properties of the installation room. For example, our real wood or faux wood blinds can be installed in rooms with bright or white colors.

Real Wood Blinds

These wood blinds are a durable and excellent blind choice that gives a room an attractive and warm look. They are eco-friendly since they are made from real woods like basswood, bamboo, mahogany, oak, maple, or cherry. They are the contemporary alternative to other interior window treatments because they are simple, clean, and durable.

Faux wood blinds

The faux blinds are the most impeccable choice that we offer. Unlike normal wood, the faux blinds are moisture-resistant, thus most durable. They are excellent choices for areas and rooms prone to high humidity, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cordless Lock and Lift Blinds

Are you looking for cordless alternatives? Longhorn Solar Screens got you. We offer cordless lock and lift blinds with uncluttered looks and unmatched safety benefits. The bottom blind has a small button that can be pressed to lift the entire window covering into the preferred position without the need to fiddle with the series of dangling cords. Instead of pulling or pushing the delicate blinds, you can press and hold the button to adjust the treatment, thus giving the blinds a long life.

Are you looking forward to installing blinds in your home? Our multi-skilled staff is ready to give you the best technical and expert information. We are proud to deliver quality services and create a long-term relationship with our customers.  Contact us today for reliable, professional, unmatched services and eco-friendly products.