Tips to Consider When Choosing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an elegant method to enhance the appearance of your home’s windows. These shutters, called for use in traditional Southern plantation homes, include louvers and panels that practically complement any design. Plantation shutters are a popular option due to their beauty and long-term durability, but a few factors to consider before purchasing. Consider the following tips before choosing plantation shutters. Tips to Consider When Choosing Plantation Shutters

The Louver Size Has an Effect on the Overall Appearance

It’s essential to consider the atmosphere you want for your window while choosing its design. Do you want a traditional feel with double-hung shutters or a contemporary one with wide-open windows? At Longhorn – Screens, Shades & Shutters, we provide hundreds of design options and assist you with any questions you may have when choosing plantation shutters.

Installation Is Critical For a Multitude of Reasons

Shutters installed by a qualified installer are guaranteed to satisfy the manufacturer’s standards, which means that in the case of damage, the warranty will not be canceled. Paying great attention to detail while installing plantation shutters may assist in keeping the frame straight.

Plantation Shutters for Homes Are Available In a Range Of Materials

Shutters are constructed from several materials. You may choose the shutter material that is most appropriate for your maintenance and installation needs. Depending on your surroundings, you may select between wood shutters for a warm impression in rooms and vinyl shutters for a cooling impact in your home.


The next consideration is the direction in which the shutter slats will slant. There are two basic configurations available here: a tilt bar centered on the dashboard or a tilt bar positioned to the side and out of the way. While some love the middle bar, others want the slats to be as open as possible. This choice must be made before purchasing shutters.

The Hue of the Shutter

Remember to choose a color for your shutters that complements the general color scheme of your home once you’ve decided on their material, size, and placement in your home. Take care to choose colors that match the overall decor of your property. Bear in mind that the shutters are available in a limited color palette ranging from grey to white. Consequently, ensure that you choose the optimal color from the limited palette.


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