Getting It Right With Interior Window Treatments

Do you know that when it comes to window treatments, there is no one standard solution to all your needs? To have your windows looking lovely, you need to shop for the right window shades. Here are some things you need to know about window treatments.

Getting It Right With Interior Window Treatments


Consider the primary reason for buying window treatments. Do you need privacy or is it purely for decorative purposes? If you work at night and sleep during the day, double roller blinds will block out light from entering a room helping one to enjoy his sleep.


Set your mind on your desired decorating style because curtains come in diverse varieties such as formal or casual, bold colors or cool shades or a comfortable or chic look. If you have young children in the house, consider using cordless shades and blinds.

Fabric and Color

The texture and color of fabric set the mood of a room. Go for dark silks or velvet material for a formal look and lighter silks for a casual feel. You can blend the curtains with the room decor or get a different color that will pop. However, if your furniture is patterned, buy window treatments that have solid colors otherwise your room will look busy.

Curtain Length

Choose a suitable curtain length to reflect a room’s style. Floor length curtains are classy and give a relaxed feel to a room. You can have curtains that are just touching the floor or buy the ones extending slightly onto the floor. For the kitchens and bathrooms, though, it is more practical to buy curtains that are shorter.

Mounting Curtains

Lengthen your windows by installing the curtain rod a few inches above the window frame. Make sure to include the extra material in your fabric measurements. Do the same for the width: extend the rod a few inches across the frame. It gives the illusion of a grand window.

It is important to know your window needs before you go shopping for window treatments. For more information about this topic, contact us at Longhorn Solar Screens. We take pride in delivering outstanding products and customer service to all our customers.