How Prism Honeycomb Shades Can Keep You Warm This Winter

Prism honeycomb shades are shades constructed from one continuous piece of pleated fabric formed of honeycomb-shaped cells. This sophisticated window covering has been gaining in popularity because of its versatility. When it comes to insulation, these shades go the distance!

How Prism Honeycomb Shades Can Keep You Warm This Winter

Better Insulation

Because prism honeycomb shades trap air inside their long, open channels, they do an excellent job insulating the room from both heat and cold. In fact, they can reduce heat flow through windows by up to 40%. And since these shades are highly flexible due to their design, they also work well for insulating windows of non-standard shapes like arches and skylights.

Energy Savings

Since about 30% of your home’s heat literally goes out the windows, honeycomb shades will help you save on heating costs from the moment you install them. They’re the perfect solution for that drafty room or the parts of the house that always seem to feel colder. By locking in the heat during winter with better window coverings, your furnace won’t have to work as hard.

Supreme Privacy

As they keep you warm, prism honeycomb shades also offer total privacy. Their cellular design blocks out light better than other types of shades since their multiple layers are nearly impossible to see through from the outside. This type of window covering can also be installed top-down or bottom-up, meaning you can lower the upper portion of the shade to let light in while still maintaining privacy at the bottom. Conversely, you can raise them all the way to the top like traditional shades. These shades are available in different light-blocking levels as well, so you can choose which intensity is right for your room and feels the most private.

Prism Honeycomb Shades From Longhorn

Staying warm and reducing expenses are two necessities on everyone’s list this season. Prism honeycomb shades are an elegant and functional way to achieve both! Our prism honeycomb shades are built with easy-to-maintain fabrics and will keep you cozy all winter long. They’re also available in the full range of colors to match any design scheme. Contact Longhorn in Denton, Texas, today to learn about installation options.