Enjoy an Easy, Breezy Fall With a Bug/Insect Screen

Fall is an alluring time of cooler weather, fresh air that smells like leaves and fireplaces, and relaxing evenings on the patio. Unfortunately, the bugs haven’t gone on vacation yet. But don’t worry — you can still enjoy outdoor time and skip the bites and buzzing! A bug/insect screen is the perfect way to do just that.

Enjoy an Easy, Breezy Fall With a Bug/Insect Screen

Pest-Free Dining

Whether you’re looking forward to a big lunch or a simple cup of tea on your patio, insects can be a major deterrent. They keep you from using this valuable space meant for entertaining and unwinding. Bug/insect screens allow you to enjoy your meals without doing anything further to keep the bugs away. That means no citronella candles, sonic pest repellers, or bug zappers.

Customized Insect Protection for Your Space

While you can purchase temporary screens at a retail store, they often don’t fit windows or patio spaces well, can come unsecured, and need to be taken down and reinstalled each time you use them. By having a custom bug/insect screen built, it will not only be completely functional but will match the space and aesthetically enhance it. Best of all, it’s permanently installed and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round as you wish.

Lose the Bugs, Keep the View

You’ve worked hard to make your yard the beautiful haven that it is, and covering it up with a heavy screen that blocks the view is not an option. Customized bug/insect screens by Longhorn are crafted with permanent glass yarn. Not only does this material hold up under all kinds of weather, but it allows a clear view of the outside. Plus, the aluminum frame comes in white, tan, champagne, mill, or bronze to complement your home’s exterior colors.

Longhorn Bug/Insect Screens

To find out more about our versatile bug/insect screens made to order for your outdoor space, contact Longhorn in Denton, TX today. We’re a family-owned business that’s proud to be a member of the “go green” movement. We look forward to helping make this fall season your best yet!