Keep Your Home Warm With The Right Window Treatments

With winter upon us, it is important that you take steps to make sure that your home is ready for the cold months that are to come. Taking steps like having your furnace inspected and your chimney cleaned can ensure that you and your family are comfortable all winter long. However, you may also want to consider whether it is time to upgrade the window treatments in your home, as the right window treatments can greatly improve your home’s insulation, helping to keep your home warm this winter. If you are interested in upgrading your home’s window treatments, here are the best options for keeping your home warm this winter.

Keep Your Home Warm With The Right Window Treatments

Cellular Shades

If energy-efficiency is your primary concern when choosing new window treatments for your home, then you should consider choosing cellular shades, as they are the most energy-efficient option on the market. Cellular shades, also referred to as honeycomb shades, use a series of pockets that trap air around your windows, preventing warm air from escaping your home in the winter. Cellular shades are also popular due to the fact that they come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they can come cord-free, making them a safer option for households with children.


Of course, if you are looking for a more classic or elegant window covering, then you may want to consider drapes. Not only do drapes come in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, and styles, making them perfect for any home, but they also provide great insulation year-round. Of course, just how energy-efficient drapes are depends on the fabric chosen.


When discussing energy-efficient window treatments you cannot leave out plantation shutters, as they are one of the most popular options amongst homeowners. Plantation shutters, in particular, use the thickest materials and provide the tightest fit against your windows, making them great insulators.

Consider Using a Combination of Window Treatments

Of course, if you really want to improve the energy-efficiency of your window treatments, then you should consider layering window treatments on top of each other. Adding curtains or drapes in addition to shades or shutters is a great way to bring excellent insulation to your home, helping to ensure that you and your family are able to keep warm this winter.

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