3 Things to Expect when Staging your Home for Sale

In a survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 83% of buyers’ agents claimed that home staging allowed their clients to better imagine a house as their new residence. Staging can also help you sell your home faster and command a higher price for it when you do. If you have been wondering what the home staging process was like, here are a few things we would like you to know.

3 Things to Expect when Staging your Home for Sale

#1. Staging is for Others

The purpose of home staging is to make a property as appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. Accordingly, a stager may ask you to depersonalize your home or even change your d├ęcor so that it is as neutral as possible. It can be tempting to resist advice because after all, it is still your home, right? Even so, keeping the goal in mind can help you become more comfortable with the changes.

#2. Consultant vs. Hand-On Staging

There are basically two types of home staging services. The first involves a consultation whereby a professional home stager visits your property and gives you a list of things to do to get your house ready. A hands-on stager will actually help you perform tasks such as rearranging furniture, cleaning, and decluttering. The first might be sufficient if you have already decluttered or only need to make minor tweaks. A hands-on stager is needed if you have lots of decluttering or other work to do in order to get your home ready.

#3. Your Window Treatments are Important

One goal of staging is to accentuate your home’s features. When your windows are sparkling clean, they will allow plenty of natural light in, and will show off your room without becoming distracting. If you add window treatments such as plantation shutters, buyers will also view this as a bonus.

When selling your home, do not overlook the value of home staging. Your windows play an important role in that, so please contact us if yours are ready for an upgrade.