Beautiful and Chic Choices for the Two-Story Windows in Your Home

When you have windows that span more than one story of a house, it can become challenging to decide what type of window treatments will work best. You want to choose coverings that will look gorgeous, but you also need practical and convenient window treatments for ease of use. Two fabulous choices exist that will work beautifully for two-story windows in almost any home.

Beautiful and Chic Choices for the Two-Story Windows in Your Home

1. Using Custom Plantation Shutters for Your Window Treatments

Nothing looks as sophisticated and stunning as plantation shutters on windows. On two-story windows, plantation shutters produce a dramatic appearance that will impress everyone who enters your home. You can also paint shutters whatever color you want to better coordinate with your decor. For example, you could paint the upper shutters white or beige to blend into the wall, and then paint the lower shutters a bold color that will make a statement. Or you could stain the shutters two different wood tones for a chic look that will draw the eye.

2. Using Motorized Shades or Blinds for Your Window Treatments

Another excellent choice for two-story window treatments is to have motorized shades or blinds installed. Because you operate motorized coverings by remote control, you can control the window treatments without any additional, specialized tools to reach the upper shades or blinds. Such a motorized system will save you time and make your life simpler. Choose shades or blinds in a neutral color, which will blend naturally with any decor. Even if you renovate and change the style of your interior, you won’t need to change out neutral-colored window coverings because they will still coordinate well.

Though finding window treatments for two-story windows can sometimes be a challenge, excellent options do exist. For more information about window treatments, please contact us today. We’re happy to discuss your options to get you the best look and functionality for your home.