Plantation Shutters for Oddly-Shaped Windows

If you have one or more windows in your home in something other than a standard design, it can prove challenging to find treatments for those windows. One fantastic solution to this problem is to have custom plantation shutters made.

Plantation Shutters for Oddly-Shaped Windows

Plantation Shutters for Narrow Windows

If you have a long, slim window next to your front door, you don’t want your view blocked to the outside. You also don’t want your privacy compromised by leaving that window exposed. Installing a narrow plantation shutter over that window is the perfect solution. You can close the slats entirely for complete privacy. You can open them a tad to peek outside. Or you can open them all the way to allow in more light.

Plantation Shutters for Arched Windows

Many homes today have one or more arched windows. Whether it’s a designer window with a top arch, a half-window that’s arched, or a narrow window with an arch at the top, you’ll need a covering that looks fabulous. By installing custom plantation shutters, you can maintain the beauty of each window’s architecture. With this type of window treatment, you’re then also easily able to adjust the slats to address your lighting and privacy concerns.

Plantation Shutters for Round Windows

For homes with one or more round windows, such as in a small bathroom, a closet, or elsewhere, plantation shutters make a gorgeous covering. They won’t detract from the distinctive look of a round window and will allow you to maintain the view during the day and close them off for privacy at night. With a custom shutter, any roundly-shaped window will look more spectacular. To make a round window a focal point, you can even have the plantation shutter painted a bold color for a stunning result.

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